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Young Sport Leader

Today, Thursday 5th November 2015, selected pupils in year 5 and 6 completed the final part of their Mini Leader Dodgeball Award. Over the past few weeks these pupils have been playing the game, officiating and coaching dodgeball. Today was their final assessment. The pupils were quizzed on their knowledge of the rules, the names of the catches, how long you can hold a ball for, how to win a game, how to get out as well as knowing the refereeing signals and demonstrating them. The pupils will find out if they have passed in tomorrow's special sports assembly where successful pupils will be presented with their certificate.

Year 5 & 6 dodgeball young leaders award

Year 4 and 6 Young Sports Leaders


Congratulations to all of our year 4 and 6 young sports leaders who passed the first week of training. Good luck with your first week of delivering your activities. You are all doing such a great job! Coach Sean and Coach Josh have had very positive comments about all of you. We are very proud of your commitment.

Young leader training day 2

Young Sport Leaders


William Bellamy's young sports leaders have been training hard this week in preparation to deliver their activities to the rest of the school. These pupils are giving up some of their break and lunch time to make sure the rest of the pupils are active, learn new skills and enjoy their time socializing with their peers. Our young sports leaders are very good role models, they work hard in and out of class, they communicate very well, they are kind and considerate pupils and understand the importance of being respectful. Thank you so much to all of our young sports leaders, you really do help our lunchtimes to be more fun and active.

5 days of young leaders training for our year 4 and 6 pupils

Young sports leaders at lunchtime