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Gold Award

B Team Girls football match.
Transition match William Bellamy VS Souhtwood.
William Bellamy Girls VS George Carey.
Boys quarter final VS Themes View.
Meeting West Ham captain Mark Noble doing the draw for the borough World Cup tournament!

An amazing achievement for one of our year 6 pupils

Sophie wins the London Children Courage Award for Sporting Achievement

Boys' Football vs Southwood 1-2

Year 6 football v Manor Longbridge won 5-1

Tag rugby competition at Robert Clack

William Bellamy reach East Primary Final

February 8th, 2016


William Bellamy School have qualified for the East of England Primary Panathlon Final in April by winning the Barking and Dagenham event in January.

They will join teams from Essex, North Suffolk, South Suffolk and Cambridgeshire at the Great Dunmow Leisure Centre on April 14, after beating 10 other schools at the Becontree Heath Leisure Centre in Dagenham on January 27, when more than 100 children took part.

William Bellamy claimed victory with their total of 76 points, pipping Valence by two points. Southwood were third on 72.

William Bellamy’s Nurture Lead, Maria Playle, said: “Lots of our children have never won anything in their lives. They have had a brilliant day being cheered on by other schools. We are over the moon to have won.”

The competition used a series of team challenges to develop sporting skills in five to 11-year-olds with a range of special educational needs.

Back-to-back morning and afternoon sessions meant the pupils got an introduction to Panathlon and the chance to build foundation skills in a range of sports, including new-age kurling, precision beanbag, flight path, polybat and basketball shoot.

Barking and Dagenham’s School Games Manager, Elaine Burgess, said: “We now hold three Primary Panathlon Festivals a year. They are brilliant for boosting the children’s confidence.


“We also have Year 10 and Sixth Form students from Barking Abbey School who volunteer as Panathlon Leaders. (See pic right) We couldn’t have the competitions without them. This gives them success through inspiring the younger children as role models.”

Panathlon COO Tony Waymouth explained that the Primary Panathlons had developed from the main Panathlons and were now being taken up widely by primary schools.

“This is a great step forward for Barking and Dagenham, and the new schools involved with an impact on existing schools and a whole borough approach to Panathlon,” he added.

See a selection of photos in the gallery by clicking the first image:

The schools which took part were Five Elms, Trinity, Beam, St Peter’s, Grafton, Ripple, James Cambell, St Margaret’s, Valence St George, Southwood and William Bellamy.

Panathlon Website

Athletics borough finals 3rd place

The year 5 and 6 athletics team had a fantastic day at the athletics finals. 8 teams made it through to the final stage. The pupils had to participate in a range of activities. The competition was amazing, the standard of the schools were so high. Our team were so positive, they cheered each other on and supported each other through the nerves and anxiety.


When the results were announced, we could not believe how close the top 3 schools were. The winners of the competition only had 8 more points than us and the second place school only had 2 more points than us. We were very happy with 3rd place but couldn't believe how close we were to the winners. Our training definitely paid off.


All teaching and support staff were so proud of all the athletics that took part, they demonstrated fantastic sportsmanship to all other participants.

Basketball borough finals 3rd place

Girls year 5/6 football v The Leys

Messages from siblings

A message from Tim Howells at England Athletics “Congratulations on getting through to your borough finals!. This is one of the biggest and most exciting sports around, and getting through to the borough finals is just the first step in a potentially exciting journey within the sport. You’ll meet new people, experience new things and most importantly have fun !”

Year 5 & 6 indoor athletics competition

William Bellamy's year 5 and 6 pupils had great fun at the borough Hockey Competition. Unfortunately neither team went through to the knock out stages but they all had a fantastic experience and the opportunity to play hockey at intra level. Thank you to Mr Ashraf, the PE team and all of the pupils who participated. October 2015

Hockey competition at Robert Clack School October 2015

William Bellamy entered two teams into the borough play offs for basketball. The standard this year was very good and both teams lost their first two games. The teams realised that they were good at attacking but needed to be better at defending and communicating. They all had a team talk which proved positive and both teams went on to win all of their other games. Both teams are now through to the finals in January 2016. Well done year 6, you are truly wonderful! November 2015

4 v 4 Basketball Competition at Eastbury School November 2015

Mini Dodgers is a fantastic opportunity for our year 1 and 2 pupils to be introduced to the game of dodgeball. This after school club encouraged children to throw, catch and move around. Ultimate Vision Sports have level 2 trained dodgeball coaches who are fantastic with the younger children. All the pupils who participated had lots of fun and are looking forward to their next session next week. Take a look below at all of the photos of the first session. November 2015

Mini Dodgers Years 1 & 2

As part of our More Able provision 14 were selected to represent William Bellamy Primary at the Barking Rugby Club Annual Tournament. Schools from Barking and Dagenham and also Havering participated. We entered two teams into the event, one into the cup event and one into the plate event. The standard of Tag Rugby is improving every year and so are our pupils. All pupils played so well, they worked hard as a team supporting each other through the hard games. The teams applied their learning of the skills and tactics into the games, they communicated and linked up well to score some fantastic trys. Our defending was exceptional with our teams working together to tag the opposition and slow down their play. Both teams were knocked out in the semi finals with a close defeat. Both teams met their defeat to the tournament winners.  November 2015

Tag Rugby Competition at Barking Rugby Club

Our Primary Panathlon Team had an amazing time at the borough Panathlon Challenge. KS2 pupils from different year groups joined together to try different adapted sports, they competed together in target focussed activities, speed focussed activities and team building activities. The children really enjoyed the football, boccia and kurling activities. When we went back to school they pupils discussed all the positive aspects of the Panathlon and 100% of the pupils enjoyed the activities and have requested that we hold a lunch time Panathlon Challenge club. We will be introducing this over the next few weeks. To top off a wonderful experience at the Panathlon Challenge, the team came second place and won silver medals. Well done to the November 2015 Panathlon Challenge Team!

Panathlon Challenge at Becontree Heath leisure centre

Today, Thursday 5th November 2015, selected pupils in year 5 and 6 completed the final part of their Mini Leader Dodgeball Award. Over the past few weeks these pupils have been playing the game, officiating and coaching dodgeball. Today was their final assessment. The pupils were quizzed on their knowledge of the rules, the names of the catches, how long you can hold a ball for, how to win a game, how to get out as well as knowing the refereeing signals and demonstrating them. The pupils will find out if they have passed in tomorrow's special sports assembly where successful pupils will be presented with their certificate.

Years 4 - 6 Cross Country Team Training September 2015

Year 6 football William Bellamy 9 Richard Alibon 2

Saturday's football session is getting our pupils active at the weekend

Celebrating FA Girls Football Week October 2015

2nd place for William Bellamy's Year 6 boys and Year 6 girls teams and third place for Year 3 and year 4 Girls' teams

Kye with the Barking and Dagenham District Football Team

Girls Football Week. Our pupils trying out football.

More free dodgeball sessions for our pupils

Fruit platter at the year 4,5 and 6 cross country meeting

The year 4, 5 and 6 cross country team had a meeting in preparation for their competition on Wednesday. All the children enjoyed a free fruit platter while they socialised with each other's teams. Good luck for Wednesday!
Kye has his first game for the Barking and Dagenham Football District Team

Gold Class wins Intra Tag Rugby Competition

Tag Rugby Intra Competition


Every Friday afternoon our school pupils will be participating in an Intra school competition. To celebrate the Rugby World Cup we decided that our first competition should be tag rugby. Congratulations to Gold class who won the competition.

AthleFIT at William Bellamy Primary


The parents at William Bellamy primary school had a wonderful time at the parents coffee morning when they were introduced to AthleFIT. The parents had fun while completing games and activities. AthleFIT is a brand new fitness programme from England Athletics which combines athletics with a fun and exciting programme of getting and keeping fit and will "take athletics to the people " providing accessible non competitive fitness sessions based upon athletics and ultimately - where there is a desire - a link through to athletics clubs and competition. (England Athletics website)

Cross Country Teams are Announced

Well done to the final year 6 cross country squad. The boys' team who will be representing our school on 7th October at the borough championships are Sid, Sion, Joshea, Nehemi, Joshua A and Joshua. The girls' team who will also be representing our school at the same event are Libby, Aliyah, Goodness, Bright, Ire and Kyra. Good Luck from all of us at school. Be the best you can be! 

Girls football at lunch

Bright in Gold Class Wins the Girls' Year 6 Intra Cross Country Competition


Well done to Bright who amazed all of us with her fantastic cross country run. The year 6 girlss had to run a distance of 1.3 miles and the first 6 would qualify for the borough cross country championships. Bright ran an amazing race and finished in 1st place. Congratulations to Bright and Gold Class.

Joshea in Gold Class win Intra Cross Country Competition


Well done to Joshea who stunned all of us with his fantastic cross country run. The year 6 boys had to run a distance of 1.3 miles and the first 6 would qualify for the borough cross country championships. Joshea ran an amazing race and finished in 1st place. Congratulations Joshea and Gold Class.

Gold for William Bellamy 2014-2015

Gymnastics club

Year 5 and 6 football

Year 3 and 4 football

Tennis club in action

Last year the pupils from William Bellamy asked for a tennis club. Listening to our pupils we decided to trial and after school club and introduce some tennis style activities at lunch time. Due to the success of this club and the increasing interest of tennis at lunchtimes we are offering a tennis club as part of our afterschool opportunities. Our pupils from year 3-6 meet very week and are learning new skills. One parents told us how she has always encouraged her son to play different sports but he has never really seemed interested. She continued to say how much he enjoys the tennis club and looks forward to attending each week.

Tennis Club

Netball club

Thank you Miss Dance for our netball club


The pupils in year 5 and 6 are really enjoying our netball club which is delivered by Miss Dance each week. The pupils are improving their footwork and learning the names and roles of each position. Not only are our pupils having a great time while learning new skills, they are also enjoying the social aspects which are linked so closely to playing a sport. Miss Dance is so enthusiastic about keeping fit and healthy while learning the rules of the game that all the children are following her good example and thinking about how their netball club is helping them stay healthy. Thank you to Miss Dance for giving up your time and being such an inspiring netball teacher!

Year 4 football at lunch

Cross Country trials for years 3, 4, 5 and 6


The PE staff at William Bellamy have the difficult task of trialling all of the pupils in all 4 year groups to select the final pupils to enter the borough's cross country championships in October 2015. The trials are designed to not only select the team but also encourage all pupils to challenge themselves. At William Bellamy we aim to be more active and have 80% of our pupils taking part in a sport or physical activity at least once a week. For those pupils who were unable to run the distance they are now challenging themselves to run at a steady pace for a distance that challenges them but also is achievable. For those who have made it through to the final trial, they will be challenging each other to make it through to the final team. Good Luck everyone!

Barking and Dagenham Schools' District Football Trials September 2015


Well done to the year 6 boys who were sent to the Barking and Dagenham schools' district football trials. Sion, Sid, Nehemi, Joshea and Kye were all selected to attend the borough's district football trials. All boys were very well behaved and respectful. The football was at a very high standard and all the boys played very well. Unfortunately, only 3 of the boys went through to the second trail. Again, all boys worked very hard and played well. 


On Monday 21st September, we received an email from the BDSFA to inform us that Kye had made it through to the final trial. All boys were very respectful of this decision and we would like to wish Kye the best of luck in the third trial. Well done to all boys involved, we are all very proud of your efforts.  September 2015

Don't Dodge Sport project excels at William Bellamy

Don't Dodge Sport

Don't Dodge Sport


William Bellamy primary has been very lucky to work with a local organisation to deliver their Don't Dodge Sport project. This project is aimed at children to encourage them to play more sport and be more active. This project is through The Rose Sport and Education Association and is funded by the summer Freesport in association with The Mayor of London and Coca-cola Park Life. This project offers over 60 children 8 weeks of free dodgeball. We have had a fantastic response and the pupils can progress to the affiliated dodgeball club which is held at our school.

Extra Curricular Activities


At William Bellamy we aim to provide our pupils with high quality extra curricular activities. We regularly observe the companies and agencies we work with. For this reason we only arrange an agreement with external providers for one term unless we feel it is in our pupils best interests to extend this.


We use various ways of assessing the best provider for our pupils. We speak with parents, teachers, pupils, staff as well as our office staff to ensure that the providers we use are the best for our school and our pupils.




Age group………….………………………………………


Was the coach punctual?

Poor    1               2            3                 4              5            Very

Is the coach dressed appropriately?

Poor    1               2            3                 4              5            Very

Does the coach have the appropriate equipment ready?

Poor    1               2            3                 4              5            Very

Are children engaged?      

Poor    1               2            3                 4              5            Very

Are the children active?

Poor    1               2            3                 4              5            Very



Has the company ever cancelled?

 YES                                No

Has the company ever sent a coach without the appropriate equipment?

 YES                                No

Has the company cancelled on the day of the club?

 YES                                No


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