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Our first competition entries


Design a logo for our William Bellamy Frisbee

If you would like to enter our competition then here is what you will have to do:

1.Create a design which includes either the words or the letter

2. The design has to be in

3. The design has to fit in a square

4. Write your on the back

Entries must be handed in at the PE Office by

Monday 14th December 2015.

Good Luck!



Active Spelling Competition linking physical activity to learning our spellings

Saturday Football Sessions

Another great Active and Achieve session with the year 6 boys

Some of our year 6 boys have been participating in the active and achieve project. The boys, who are sometimes disengaged in reading, have been looking and exploring a few books. They have explored characters, emotive language and punctuation. They have considered ways to explore the plot and predict various ending. The group have requested having a drama session and creating a PowerPoint to share their learning. We really look forward to seeing and hearing about their successes. 
The year 4, 5 and 6 pupils are selected for the Cross Country Championships. Good luck for Wednesday 7th October 2015!

AthleFIT at William Bellamy Primary


The parents at William Bellamy primary school had a wonderful time at the parents coffee morning when they were introduced to AthleFIT. The parents had fun while completing games and activities. AthleFIT is a brand new fitness programme from England Athletics which combines athletics with a fun and exciting programme of getting and keeping fit and will "take athletics to the people " providing accessible non competitive fitness sessions based upon athletics and ultimately - where there is a desire - a link through to athletics clubs and competition. (England website)

AthleFIT at William Bellamy

Cross Country Teams are Announced

Well done to the final year 6 cross country squad. The boys' team who will be representing our school on 7th October at the borough championships are Sid, Sion, Joshea, Nehemi, Joshua A and Joshua. The girls' team who will also be representing our school at the same event are Libby, Aliyah, Goodness, Bright, Ire and Kyra. Good Luck from all of us at school. Be the best you can be! 

William Bellamy Wake and Shake!!


Still image for this video

William Bellamy pupils improving their physical activity in the mornings before class learning begins.

The names of the top 6 boys in year 6 pupils who have been selected for the Borough Cross Country Championships are announced.

Good Luck to our Year 6 boy team: Joshea, Sion, Nehemi, Joshua A, Joshua and Sid.


The first 4 girls in the year 6 team have been confirmed: Bright, Libby, Ire and Kyra. The final 2 pupils to join this team will be announced this week.

Poster for Weekend Football at William Bellamy Primary

Weekend Football at William Bellamy