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William Bellamy's Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Project is featured with Get Set.


Below is the link to the case study of our school's Olympic Legacy Project


William Bellamy Primary has been awarded the Silver Quality Mark for PE and School Sports

We have been awarded the Youth Sports Trust Silver Quality Mark for PE and School Sports


At William Bellamy we asked classes what they felt our vision for

PE and Sport should be.

Below are some of the entries.



The winners of The Sports and PE Vision for William Bellamy Primary is.........

Gold Class

The winning entry for our

School Vision for Sports and PE


Wake and shake, it starts our day!
n the most inspiring way.
ive for sports and reach your goal
ots of energy, strength and soul                                                  
t’s not just the winning, but taking part
ctive lifestyles make a start
Motivation will keep you fit



Be sure to have your P.E. kit

Energy and enthusiasm all the way

Let’s get physical, start today!

Learn new sports and let off steam

At William Bellamy we’re a team
Maintain a very healthy heart

You can do it, so let’s start!

A Vision for Sport and PE

Purple Class Year 3


Work together


Learn sports

Let's enjoy sports

In sports you get fit

Always be healthy

Make friends


Be safe

Encouraging others

Living strong

Let's have some fun

Amazing skills

Many people enjoying sports

You will enjoy sports



Class Shonar Year 4


A vision for PE and Sport


Will power to success
It is our destiny to win
Love for the sport
Let’s work together
It’s just the beginning
Ambition to play
Marvellous team

Best skills in the universe
Engaged to do it all
Learning with passion
Loosing is not an option
Always aiming to accomplish the task

Master in dedication
You will always achieve



Class Violet

A vision for PE and Sport


We are united in PE,
In PE we show all that we can be.
Learning PE and sports is lots of fun,
Let’s not rush to get it done.
Imagine if we make it to the Olympics,
All the hard work will mean newspaper pics!

Many of us find it hard to play ball, but    nothing at all will make us fall.

Being in PE helps make you fit,
Everyone try to never quit.
Lovely teachers help us with games,
Let’s have fun without any shames.
Around the school we celebrate,
My school teams are really great.
You should all enjoy PE, if you don’t you can’t blame me.



Year 3 Roxo Class


We enjoy PE because we like to stay healthy.
I really enjoy racing, training, basketball, football and running.
Love all the PE activities.
Let us have more time for PE!
I will never give up in PE!
All activities are exciting!
Mrs. Rose is outstanding and enthusiastic!

Be green even when no one is looking.
Enjoy sports enthusiastically.
Let’s have PE every day!
Learn how to improve our skills.
Always try your best.
Make sure you are safe and sensible.
You’re now stronger because of PE and we are all winners!

6 Ouro


A vision for Sport and PE


We learn, we grow

It’s our motto

Learning is what we do every day.

Listening to what the teachers say.

Individuals we function together,

All our energy used, no matter the weather

Must not do blue behaviour

Big problems can be solved with the teachers that are near.

Education in sports.

Learning all sorts

Life is full of learning.

All we can do is change the path

My, my many a competition

Yes say yes to the fact we have determinations.

Participating is better than winning.

Racing to the finishing line, and now were singing

Integrity, morals  and messages can be sent.

More can be learnt if we know what they meant.

Action during the sports.

Running to see lots of basketball courts,

Yet when are don’t win, we want lots more,

Seeing our hand work, right from the core,

Catching, kicking and throwing are the rules

Hey, pupils in WBPS rule this school,

Owning the sports all year around,

Our hated is lost not friend

Listen to what your heart says not your minds


William Bellamy's Sport Council

William Bellamy's Sports Council decided that they would like to find out what the children of our school thought about the activities at lunch time. We used the GET SET to Play survey to ask other children from years 3-6 how they felt about these activities.

Below are the responses from the children they asked:

Are you physically active

at playtimes/lunchtimes?










Most of the time, do you

play with others or by yourself?

With others


By myself



Are playtimes/lunchtimes safe and friendly for the

youngest children?






Is there enough space in the playground

to play your favourite games?







How do you feel when it is too wet to go

out to play?







Do you think playtimes/lunchtimes are boring?








As you can see from the table above many of our children are active at lunchtime. Some of the children who are not active said that they like to have some quiet time at lunch. Most of our children socialise well at lunchtimes/playtimes. However, some of our children are worried for the younger children and feel that there is not enough space for their favourite games. A large proportion of our children feel sad when it is wet play and they cannot go out into the playground, this suggests that our children do like getting outside to meet with others.


We will now look into how we can improve how our children feel about playtime and lunchtime.


Thank you to William Bellamy Sports Council!

William Bellamy Sports Council completing questionnaires about how children feel about playtime and lunchtime

William Bellamy Sports Council looking at lunchtime activities