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Improving Teaching and Learning

Aims and Objectives of Physical Education:


  • To maintain and stimulate pupils’ interests and enjoyment in physical activity.


  • To promote exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.


  • To introduce and develop skills, principles and understanding of physical activities as outlined in the National Curriculum.


  • To engage and include all pupils with learning that is challenging and that meets pupils’ individual needs.


  • To challenge the More Able pupils to ensure their learning experience is enhanced.


  • To provide appropriate resources so that it allows all pupils to have equal opportunity to experience success and enjoyment in PE.


  • To deliver lessons with high expectations of all pupils enabling them to learn exceptionally well.


  • To effectively check pupils’ understanding throughout lessons and use this information to adapt lesson.


  • To provide constructive feedback to pupils and encourage peer and self-assessment.


  • To help enhance pupils’ self-esteem through the development of their physical confidence and personal qualities.


  • To develop pupils’ knowledge of rules and regulations of the activities including the role of officials (Upper KS2 and lower if appropriate).


  • To enhance pupils’ awareness of the safety issues concerned with these activities and help them develop a sense of responsibility towards participating in physical activity.


  • To encourage teamwork, tolerance and co-operation.


  • To provide opportunities for all pupils to participate in inclusive Intra competitions at (Level 1).




Non Participants


Pupils should continue to attend the PE lesson unless there is a suitable reason and this is in writing. The pupil maybe unable to participate practically in the lesson but this does not mean that they are unable to take an active part in the learning experience


According to the reason for non-participation the pupils should:


  • Act as a coach/leader for a group.


  • Provide peer assessment (being a critical friend).


  • Complete a worksheet on the lesson (Pre-prepared and includes LG and SC).


  • Act as an official.


  • Create questions to ask the group to assess other pupil’s knowledge.


  • A non-participant should never be sat down away from the rest of the class; they should always be involved in the lesson and should come to the teacher with the rest of the group to listen and observe the learning.


As part of our focus to improve teaching and learning in PE we worked with West Ham Foundation. This 6 week programme supports teachers to have a better understanding PE and how to improve teacher's delivery. West Ham Foundation's coaches worked with 2 of our Year 4 staff members. Both teachers expressed that after the 6 weeks they felt more confident and competent when teaching PE.

West Ham Foundation supporting teachers

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Maintaining High Standards in

Physical Education Lessons



Be ready for lessons and get changed in the correct PE kit quickly:


  • All items of PE kit should be names.


  • The school cannot be held responsible for lost items; although we do our best to return named kit that is handed in or take items to the lost property area.


  • Correct kit is to be worn for lessons.


  • Coloured t-shirts are not to be worn to normal lessons – white t-shirts only.


  • For hygiene reasons, do not wear your tights or school top during lessons.


  • Hair should be tied back, off of the face to stop your vision being obstructed.


  • Any equipment or kit that is borrowed should be treated with respect and returned at the end of the lesson to the correct place.


  • Proper sports shoes should be word and must be fastened securely.


  • All jewellery needs to be removed.


  • Earrings should be removed and it is therefore not appropriate to get ears pierced during term time. If ears are pierced then they should be covered by suitable tape.


  • If a pupils needs to be excused from a lesson then a note must be provided from a parent/guardian.


  • Even if a note is provided, in the majority of circumstances, the pupil will be expected to join in with the lesson in the capacity of coach, official or a critical friend; providing peer assessment.


Through our PE, School Sports and Physical Activity we endeavour to use our whole school vision to encourage pupils to make the most of every opportunity they may come across.


We use every opportunity within our PE lessons, our school sports at intra and inter level, our team training, our inclusive and adapted sports, our SEND sports teams and our physical activity sessions to support our pupils to become independent, responsible, kind and considerate pupils who are able to see the self worth in their own ability and efforts. We aim for all of our pupils to be Healthy, happy, Sociable young people, Self-motivated, determined, positive and fair, Hard working and aspirational, Confident, independent learners, Creative, curious and critical

School Vision for Sports and PE


Wake and shake, it starts our day!
In the most inspiring way.
Live for sports and reach your goal
Lots of energy, strength and soul
It’s just not the winning, but taking part
Active lifestyles make a start
Motivation will keep you fit



Be sure to have your P.E. kit

Energy and enthusiasm all the way

Let’s get physical, start today!

Learn new sports and let off steam

At William Bellamy we’re a team
Maintain a very healthy heart

You can do it, so let’s start!

Our whole school vision

"We Learn... We Grow...Together"


At William Bellamy Primary School our children and families are at the very heart of everything we do.


We strive to create a culture and environment which inspires each individual within our school community to be the very best that they can be.


We have the highest expectations of achievement and behaviour and offer a nurturing and supportive ethos where we can celebrate difference and ensure that everyone meets their full potential.


We value every individual and commit to ensuring everyone feels listened to and heard. We place the highest importance on our close working relationships with parents and other members of our community.


We offer the highest quality educational experience, aiming to inspire a generation of lifelong learners, who take pride in their achievements and take ownership of their learning.


We believe creativity and imagination is the key to developing future passions and talents. We have a positive, “can do” attitude, believing that the sky is our limit, and we will think creatively and outside the box to meet the needs of our learners and our community.


We want our pupils to be confident, aspirational and empowered to participate successfully at an academic, social and emotional level in a rapidly changing world.


Healthy, happy,

Sociable young people,

Self-motivated, determined, positive and fair,

Hard working and aspirational,

Confident, independent learners,

Creative, curious and critical thinkers,

Collaborators, problem solvers, innovators

Respectful and responsible,

Global citizens,

Generous and compassionate.



At William Bellamy Primary School we have the highest aspirations…


We learn…. We grow… together!