William Bellamy Primary School We learn... We grow... Together


Everyone at William Bellamy Primary feels proud to belong to such a nurturing and thriving community.  Our children continue to represent us in the locality and out on school visits; we encourage our pupils to wear their uniform with pride and show everyone they come across what outstanding individuals they truly are!


Please see below a list of school uniform. This can be purchased at Premiere Schoolwear in Dagenham as well as via the Tesco website.



  • Black or grey skirt / pinafore / trousers;
  • White polo shirt / shirt;
  • Royal blue school jumper or royal blue cardigan;
  • Blue checked summer dress;
  • Black, grey or white socks or tights;
  • Black flat shoes;
  • Blue, grey or black hair accessories 




  • Black or grey trousers / shorts;
  • White polo shirt / shirt;
  • Royal blue school jumper;
  • ​Black, grey or white socks;
  • Black shoes;
  • Hair must be tied back;
  • No "extreme" hairstyles e.g. carving in hair, Mohicans, hair colouring
  • No nail varnish, false nails or make up;
  • No jewellery - ears should be pierced during school holidays.  If a child attends school with pierced earrings in and is unable to remove them, they must be covered and the child will be unable to participate in PE lessons or outdoor break or lunch;
  • School bags should be small enough to fit on a peg.  Book bags should suffice.


Please note that boots may be worn to school but children will be asked to change into their plimsolls or school shoes when they arrive.