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School Lunches

Healthy lunch guidance for parents


If you think you need ideas for your child's packed lunch, remember you can include:

  • water
  • sandwich/wrap/pasta/pitta bread/bread roll
  • fillings of cheese,ham,turkey,tuna,salad
  • salad- lettuce,cucumber,tomatoes,radish,peppers,avocado,rocket
  • fruit- bananas,apples,grapes,strawberries,blueberries,pears
  • vegetable sticks- carrot,cucumber,pepper,celery


Breakfast Club Menu 2019

Tuck Trolley Menu

Children entitled to free school milk from January 2015

Our Dining Hall on KS1 

School lunches are healthy, well balanced and nutritious. They contain the essential vitamins and minerals a child needs to help them grow, develop, fight infection and have the energy to lead a happy and healthy life.

Menus are nutritionally analysed and approved by a nutritionist to meet the new guidelines which have nutritional standards.

  • Fresh meat and poultry. (Halal option daily)
  • Fresh local fruit and vegetables are used whenever possible.
  • Food is prepared and freshly cooked each day.
  • Fat used in baking does not contain hydrogenated fats.

The menu changes each term and these are sent home and are on the school website. They run on a 3 week cycle.


Purchasing Lunches

We are a 'cashless' school and do not collect money. Every parent has a Parent Pay account and this will need topping up regularly in order to ensure sufficient funds are in  your child's account for them to purchase a meal.


I am delighted to let you know about a new, quick and convenient way to top up your ParentPay account; from January 2014, you will be able to use a top-up machine (Cash Loader) that we have had specially installed in the reception of our Infant Site/Children’s Centre.


All you have to do:

Just enter your unique PIN security number – please speak to one of our receptionist for details of your PIN no. – on the keypad, followed by the # sign (located in the bottom right hand corner of the keypad) and you’ll have access to your personal account. Once in, you can instantly top-up your ParentPay account, as well as view your current balance.


Full instructions on how to use the machine can be found just beneath the keypad. You can also, of course, change your PIN No if you require. Simply advise a member of our school office team and they will arrange for you to receive a new one.


We hope that you find this new payment method quick, easy-to-use and really convenient. If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to speak to a member of our school office team.


Free school meals are available for those who are eligible


Useful Links

Change4Life website


The Little Book of Goodness provides answers to the questions parents ask about school meals all over the country.


Healthy Packed Lunches is a great site to get ideas for a healthier packed lunch