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Nurture Team Leaflet

Nurture Staff

Mrs Wheatley - Nurture Lead & Safeguarding Lead
Miss Kain - Lead Nurture Teacher
Mrs Ghent - Family Support Worker

Nurture Groups

Miss Boyce - KS1 Nurture Group Lead
Miss Amos - KS1 Nurture Group Assistant
Mrs Playe - KS2 Nurture Group Lead
Mrs Double - KS2 Nurture Group Assistant

The Oasis

Miss Attard - Oasis Nurture HLTA
Mr Hughes - Oasis Nurture HLTA
Ms Taylor - Oasis Nurture HLTA
Mr Collins - Nurture Assistant
Mr Perkins - Nurture Assistant
Miss Waller - Apprentice Nurture Assistant


Mrs Henderson - KS1 Nurture Mentor
Miss Brockman - KS1 Nurture Mentor
Mr Smith - KS2 Nurture Mentor
Miss Boyes - KS2 Nurture Mentor

Nurture Groups

At William Bellamy we have two Nurture Groups - KS1 in ‘Rainbow Room’ and KS2 in ‘Sunshine Room’.

We also have an Extended Nurture Provision called ‘The Oasis’.

KS1 Rainbow
KS2 Sunshine
The Oasis

Nurture Learning

Our Nurture Groups are unique in their learning approach where the teachers take a step back and the children are in charge of the learning. The children share their interests with their teachers who will put together lesson plans directed by the pupil, ensuring that as many curriculum areas are covered as possible. Every couple of weeks, a different pupil will choose the topic that they wish to cover in class until all the pupils have had a turn.

Cake Baking
PJ Masks
Racing Cars
Sea Life

Have a look at some of our fabulous learning so far...

Rainbow Room (KS1)

Last half term the children in Rainbow Room chose Harry Potter as their topic. The children used a Sorting Hat to decide which team they would belong to. As a team the children worked together to earn House Points. Rainbow Room were able to create potions and even had a chance to play Quidditch. 

Harry Potter

Sunshine Room (KS2)


During our Roman topic we built the Pantheon from lolly sticks, card and modroc.  The Pantheon was a Roman temple,  which has now been converted into a church.  The children enjoyed creating the building and were pleased with the finished result.

The Oasis

Ryeleigh's Special Week - Pokémon!