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Extra-curricular clubs

To all parents, carers and pupils,


Many of you are asking about the allocation for extra-curricular clubs. Firstly, the paid clubs are delivered by external companies, for these clubs we endeavour to meet the demand. So for example, if we have 35 pupils apply then we will try and get 2 coaches so there is not a waiting list.


For some of the free clubs, we rely on staff to offer their time to deliver these. For some of the other free clubs we may have applied for grants to increase the number of clubs which we offer. While this is fantastic, we do need to follow the criteria of the funders, this means that we are restricted to who we can offer these clubs to. 

Other free clubs maybe interventions, this means that there is additional support in place to increase an area of improvement e.g. coordination, stamina, confidence and social skills.


  1. We also offer team training, this is lead by myself, Mrs Rose (PE Co-ordinator), Mr Smith (PE Assistant) or a specialist coach, this is a part of our Talented policy for PE; when a child is identified as more able within a sport or a skill then they will receive further training in preparation for competition, this includes understanding their body and the affects of exercise, nutritional advice, psychological preparation (taking away worries and concerns) and how to perform and enjoy the competition.


Other free clubs maybe because we have identified an issue and we use sport and physical activity to break barriers down for pupils to access other opportunities in their school life.


If anyone has any further questions please feel free to come and speak with me. At William Bellamy Primary, we are dedicated to all areas of PE, Physical Activity and School Sport. We endeavour to give your children a wide range of opportunities throughout their school life.

Mrs Rose, PE Coordinator



Fairy Fitness


Judo years 2-3 and years 4-5

We already have an extensive extra-curricular program this term with some exciting opportunities for our pupils to be active and learn new skills. Many of the clubs have already begun and we still have more to finalise. We are very pleased with the response from our pupils to the extra-curricular clubs, however this does mean that many clubs are over subscribed. Over this term, we will be looking to increase this provision either further. I do believe that we must be one of the most active schools in England. I am so impressed in our pupils enthusiasm to sport and physical activity.

Mrs Rose


Saturday football club run by Ultimate Vision Sports is at 10:15-11:15am every week. Girls and boys aged 5-11 are welcome. £3.50 a session and the first 2 sessions are free.


Year 5 and 6 football team training is on Tuesdays at 8am. We entered a range of football competitions this year.


The pupils who have been identified as more able (Years 3-6) receive specific training for cross country, hockey, cricket, athletics, basketball amongst other sports and activities. These are delivered through out the year.