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School Sport

Crowlands Golf coaches introducing golf to our pupils

GOLD from the Youth Sports Trust

GOLD for the 4th year


Congratulation to our Panathlon Challenge team who came 2nd place and won silver medals at the borough Panathlon Challenge event. We are so proud of you!

Sports hall athletics 3rd place

West Ham in the community tournament

Evans Moore

Jim Smith Cup


Our year 5 and 6 football team travelled to Grays to play 3 others schools in the Jim Smith cup. The football was excellent as was the behaviour of the pupils. Everyone in the team played hard and produced some excellent football. We still have one more game to play. Good luck team!!

Year 5 and 6 Football playing in the Jim Smith Cup

Year 4 and 5 friendly against Beam county.


Our friends over at beam County came to William Bellamy for a football friendly match. It was a brilliant afternoon where the year 4 and 5 boys played exceptional football. Both teams behaved excellently and the vibe was exciting. William Bellamy finished as winners of the game. Beam ensured that we had to play at our best, they were a great opponent.

Year 4 and 5 friendly against Beam.

Cross Country Competition


Every child in KS2 trialled to be in the Cross Country Team, again this year the standard was very high. On the day we took teams from year 3, 4, 5 and 6 to compete against 17 other schools. In total we had 53 pupils participating. Overall we won 36 medals. The results of each team are below:

Year 3 girls came 4th place

Year 3 boys came 3rd  place

Year 4 girls came 1st place

Year 4 boys came 5th place

Year 5 girls came 2nd place

Year 5 boys came 3rd place

Year 6 girls came 6th place

Year 6 boys came 3rd place

Two of our pupils, Esther in year 3 and Lilly in year 5 both came 2nd place, achieving silver, from all who ran in their age groups.

Sports Day


Year 6 Long jump winner= Celestina 2.15m and Arnold 2.15m

Year 6 Nerf throw winner= Celestina 23.2m and Dave 30.2

Year 6 Speed bounce winner= Maria 54 and Emis 56

Year 5 Long jump winner= Esther 2m and Emeian 2m

Year 5 Nerf throw winner= Esther 23.10m and Bryan 26.6m

Year 5 Speed bounce winner= Kelly and Lenny


Well done to class Ouro winning the determination award

Well done to class Laranga winning the Honesty award

Well done to class Or winning the Respect award

Panathlon Finals at Copper box,London

Year 6 athletics Competition Results

William Bellamy 2nd place out of 28 schools

Out of 107 boys


Dave, 8th overall, 4th in sprint, 254 points= Gold Award


Ben, 14th overall, 4th in sprint, 255 points= Gold Award


Chris, 30th overall, 14th in throw, 219 points= Silver Award


Akram, 66th overall (NO JUMP DATA which affects his ranking), 12th in 600m, 189 points= Silver Award


Out of 108 girls


Esther, 3rd overall, 1st in sprint and 1st in sprint out of the whole competition including male participants, 13th in jump, 16th 600m, 241 points= Gold Award


Celestina, 11th overall, 11th in sprint, 8th in jump, 18th in 600m, 222 points= Silver Award


Maddison 66th overall, 147 points= Silver Award


Maria, 67 overall, 145 points= Silver Award

year 5 and 6 athletics team

Year 5 Athletics Competition Results


Out of 106 Boys

Muma, 20th overall, 13th in 600m, 212 points= Gold Award


Andrew, 30th overall, 4th in sprint, 202 points= Silver Award


Jaylan, 52nd overall, 180 points= Silver Award


Ayo, 62nd overall, 167 points= Silver Award


Out of 110 Girls

Kelly, 4th overall, 5th in 600m, 4th in throw, 214 points= Gold Award


Luna, 16th overall, 12th in jump, 198 points= Silver Award


Esther, 24th overall, 1st in jump, 10th in throw, 189 points= Gold Award


Jasmine, 55th overall, 145 points= Silver Award

Year 4 Athletics Competition Results

William Bellamy 1st place out of 24 schools


Out of 85 Boys

Elijah, 1st place overall, 2nd in sprint, 17th in jump, 8th in 400m, 1st in throw, 229 points= Gold Award

Ade, 3rd place overall, 2nd in sprint, 11th in jump, 2nd in throw, 224 points= Gold Award


David, 21st place overall, 12th in 400m, 190 points points= Silver Award


Lexus, 34th place overall, 14th in 400m, 182 points= Silver Award


Out of 81 Girls

Lillian, 4th place overall, 19th in sprint, 7th in 400m, 3rd in throw, 186 points= Silver Award


Lilly, 4th place overall, 10th in jump, 7th in 400m, 184 points= Silver Award


Alysia, 12th place overall, 4th in 400m, 14th in throw, 174 points= Silver Award


Precious, 40th overall, 147 points= Silver Award

Year 3 & 4 Athletics

Year 3 Athletics Competition Results

William Bellamy 3rd place out of 24 schools


Out of 84 pupils                   ESAA Award

Joshua, 8 place overall, 2nd in jump, 8th in 400m, 5th in throw, 192 points= Silver Award


AJ, 8th place overall, 3rd in sprint, 10th in 400m, 185 points=Silver AwardOut of 84


Kenneth, 12th overall, 8th in 400m, 16th in throw, 185 points= Silver Award


Lewis, 31st overall, 170 points= points= Silver Award


Out of 83 pupils

Kara, 5th overall, 7th in jump, 159 points= Silver Award


Adetoun, 17th overall, 1st in sprint, 147 points= Bronze Award


Zoe, 34th overall, 135 points= Silver Award


Lillie, 47th overall, 11th in sprint, 128 points= Bronze Award


Year 3 and 4 Tag rugby team

Year 5 and 6 Ultimate Vision Sports Dodgeball Festival

Challenge 3

Still image for this video

Challenge 2

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Year 5 and 6 Football Tournament

Visit from TJ GB World Champion

Inter Festival for our Year 1 and 2 pupils

Year 1 and 2 pupils at the Ultimate Vision Sports Festival showing all what they had learned

Still image for this video

Year 1 and 2 pupils attend Ultimate Vision Sports Dodgeball Festival

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Medal winner

Year 4 and 5 Team Training

B&D post cup quarter final William bellamy 2 v William ford 3

William Bellamy represents Barking and Dagenham at the London youth games for Hockey

Borough Hockey Champions

GB's 1500m runner Andy Baddeley delivered an assembly to our pupils about park run

more pictures from boxing club

William bellamy girls 1 vs Southwood 0

William Bellamy go through to the athletics borough finals

Year 6 William Bellamy 3 - St Peters 3

Borough basketball competition

Freesport Don't Dodge Sport, Play Dodgeball project


William Bellamy Primary school applied for funding through The Mayor Funding, Freesport, to deliver a dodgeball based project called Don’t Dodge Sport, Play Dodgeball which was written by Donna Rose, the PE Coordinator at the school.  

The project was delivered through the PE Team with Ultimate Vision Sports, who have experienced dodgeball coaches. Through the 8 weeks of this project, over 90 pupils were introduced to dodgeball, from Year 1 to Year 6. Many of these pupils were previously ‘inactive’ or had a special educational need or disability. Over 60% of the pupils attending were girls and they were encouraged to attend by having girls only sessions.


Now the project has ended the pupils are able to sign up to the school’s regular dodgeball sessions for ages 5-7 and 7-11. Also, the pupils have been invited to attend the dodgeball centre in the local borough, delivered by Ultimate Vision Sports.

We are delighted that William Bellamy Primary school managed to engage so many pupils in the sport and gain some fantastic feedback from those who particpated!

‘I am now going to join the club that is in our school, I wasn’t confident enough to go before the project’ Leo Year 5 pupil at William Bellamy Primary school.

‘The increase in the pupils’ confidence and physical fitness was excellent’ Donna Rose PE Coordinator at William Bellamy Primary school.

Our Visions

Through our PE, School Sports and Physical Activity we endeavour to use our whole school vision to encourage pupils to make the most of every opportunity they may come across.  


We use every opportunity within our PE lessons, our school sports at intra and inter level, our team training, our inclusive and adapted sports, our SEND sports teams and our physical activity sessions to support our pupils to become independent, responsible, kind and considerate pupils who are able to see the self worth in their own ability and efforts. We aim for all of our pupils to be Healthy, happy, Sociable young people, Self-motivated, determined, positive and fair, Hard working and aspirational, Confident, independent learners, Creative, curious and critical thinkers, Collaborators, problem solvers,  innovators, Respectful and responsible, Global citizens and Generous and compassionate.


Our Pupils Vision for PE and School Sport

School Vision for Sports and PE


Wake and shake, it starts our day!
In the most inspiring way.
Live for sports and reach your goal
Lots of energy, strength and soul                                                  
It’s just not the winning, but taking part
Active lifestyles make a start
Motivation will keep you fit



Be sure to have your P.E. kit

Energy and enthusiasm all the way

Let’s get physical, start today!

Learn new sports and let off steam

At William Bellamy we’re a team
Maintain a very healthy heart

You can do it, so let’s start!

Our whole school vision

"We Learn... We Grow...Together"


At William Bellamy Primary School our children and families are at the very heart of everything we do. 


We strive to create a culture and environment which inspires each individual within our school community to be the very best that they can be. 


We have the highest expectations of achievement and behaviour and offer a nurturing and supportive ethos where we can celebrate difference and ensure that everyone meets their full potential.


We value every individual and commit to ensuring everyone feels listened to and heard.  We place the highest importance on our close working relationships with parents and other members of our community.


We offer the highest quality educational experience, aiming to inspire a generation of lifelong learners, who take pride in their achievements and take ownership of their learning.


We believe creativity and imagination is the key to developing future passions and talents.  We have a positive, “can do” attitude, believing that the sky is our limit, and we will think creatively and outside the box to meet the needs of our learners and our community. 


We want our pupils to be confident, aspirational and empowered to participate successfully at an academic, social and emotional level in a rapidly changing world.


Healthy, happy,

Sociable young people,

Self-motivated, determined, positive and fair,

Hard working and aspirational,

Confident, independent learners,

Creative, curious and critical thinkers,

Collaborators, problem solvers, innovators

Respectful and responsible,

Global citizens,

Generous and compassionate.



At William Bellamy Primary School we have the highest aspirations…


We learn…. We grow… together!  

Intra competition for indoor athletics have begun. Speed bounce and long jump are the first events.

Girls' Football League fixtures are announced. Watch this space for dates of our first games.

Congratulations to our cross country teams.

Individual results:

Well done year 3 girls: Kara 1st, Phoenix 13th, Megan 14th, Teagan 32nd and Blessing 43rd.

Well done year 3 boys: Lewis 1st, AJ 5th, Peter 8th, Joshua 40th and Reece 43rd.

Well done year 4 girls: Lilly 2nd, Lillian 3rd, Alisha 4th, Precious 13th, Louise 24th, Abigail 29th and Cassia 49.

Year 4 boys: Suban 12th, Adem 16th, Vadjam 27th, Titus 22nd, Giovanni 24th, Mark 26th

Well done year 5 girls: Kelly 3rd, Charlotte 5th, Geri 19th, Esther 22nd, Teegan 47th, Ema 126th 

Well done year 5 boys: Mama 16th, Jack 17th, Alfie 19th, Jaylan 26th, Luke 72nd, Brian 80th.

Well done year 6 girls: Beyoncé 20th, Maddison 23rd, Gracie 42nd, Maria 44th, Vivian 48th, Elnes 56th

Well done year 6 boys: Chris 10th, Emis 14th, Charlie 31st, Ephrahim 53rd, Elio 54, Ryan 55 and Ben 68th


Team results:

Year 3 boys Silver

Year 4 boys Gold

Year 4 girls Gold

Year 5 boys Bronze

Year 5 girls Silver

Year 6 boys Bronze


You have all worked so hard, we are so proud of your efforts.

Mrs Rose and Mr Smith


Our cross country teams enjoying a fruit platter at our meeting

Congratulation to the following pupils who are the winners of our cross country intra competition. These pupils will be representing our school at the borough cross country championships.

Cross Country Teams Year 3


Cara, Brogan, Teagan, Phonix, Megan and Blessing


AJ, Andre, Lewis, Reece, Joshua and Peter

Cross Country Teams Year 4


Titus, Suban, Vadram, Mark, Adam and Giovani


Lilly, Lillian, Precious, Abigail, Cassia and Louise

Cross Country Teams Year 5


Geri, Kelly, Ugne, Charlotte, Esther and Emma


Brian, Luke, Jack, Jaylan, Muma and Alfie

Cross Country Teams Year 6


Esther, Beonce, Maria, Gracie, Elnes and Vivian


Chris, Emis, Elio, Ryan, Charlie, Ben and Ephrahim 

Good luck to you all!

If you have received a letter then remember to come along to our cross country team training.

We are officially affiliated to the UK Dodgeball Association.

Our many dodgeball clubs at William Bellamy primary have been fantastic. Our pupils are really enjoying this sport.