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Physical Activty

Fitness fairies club

Bikeability course level 1 and 2

Monday bike club

The trial of our

Active Lunch Play initiative

is a big success with our pupils.


We have started the second part of the autumn term by trialling our Active Lunch Play.

The School Sports Council and PE Team have introduced physical activity sheds which store equipment which will be used at break times and lunch times to encourage our pupils to become more physical active when in the playground.

We have had brilliant feedback from the midday staff, the sports council members and the PE Team. we are looking forward to this being rolled out across the whole school.

Take a look at our first photos.

Active Lunch Play

Boxing is growing at William Bellamy, many more pupils are requesting to join the club because they want to improve their strength and fitness. Remember have to be on green or above to be selected for boxing club.
Fairy Fitness for KS1 pupils was a great success with pupils for year 1 and 2 engaging in the fun session of running. All fairies ran a distance of over 1000m. We are looking forward to our next session.

PE Coordinators attending the Power of an Active School CPD

Our PE Coordinator meeting with the borough health team to improve Change 4 Life provision

Our Young Sports Leader training was another big success. The leaders were selected by their communication skills, how responsible they are, their empathy and understanding towards others, their ability to give and follow instructions and their general behaviour around the school. Each pupil had the first part of their training in the hall, they watched a powerpoint and learned about the importance of fitness, playing together, developing skills and communication.

The young sports leaders then went into the playground where they had to set up an activity, demonstrate and deliver it and the reflect and feedback to the group.

Ultimate Vision Sports coach, Mr Bush said that all the young sports leaders demonstrated excellent leadership skills throughout the training and all pupils had been successful in passing their training. Well Done!!! We look forward to you getting your new timetable for next term.

Young sports leader training

Physical Activity, school sport and Physical Education


At William Bellamy Primary we worked with our year 4 pupils to find out about their physical activity levels.

84 pupils in year 4 were asked if they knew how many minutes of physical activity they should do everyday. Out of the 84 pupils, 77 of them knew that it was a total of 60 minutes, 30 minutes at out of the school day and 30 minutes during the school day.

Pupils told us ways that they are physically active before school, these included: Walking to school, participating in morning wake and shake, skipping, riding a scooter, running, dancing, jumping as well as other types of activities. Walking was the most popular closely followed by running.


At lunchtimes running was the most popular form of physical activity with football  and playing other games the second most popular. Skipping, jogging and our Change 4 Life club was also mentioned.


The pupils also stated the clubs and sports they attend which helps to increase their physical activity levels, this included clubs and sports which they did during our extra-curricular timetable as well as during the evenings and weekends.


Finally, the pupils discussed and recorded the benefits of physical activity, sport and PE. The suggestions were brilliant. Here are a few:

Makes me happy

Helps our heart and muscles

Learn how to encourage others

Get fresh air

Keeps you fit

Helps me make new friends

It gets our heart pumping blood around our bodies faster

Helps us work as a team

It makes you healthy and happy. It lets you meet new people and make friends. It helps my bones. It helps me be responsible.





Increasing physical activity through gardening

Year 4 pupils suggesting how to make our break times more physically active

Improving physical activity in our playground

Learn to Ride


Our Learn to Ride sessions were a big success with all 12 participants learning to ride a bike within one day. At William Bellamy Primary we believe that cycling confidently is a skill all children should be able to do. Therefore, we teamed up with the borough Learn to Ride scheme and identified 12 pupils who could not ride a bike. The experienced cycle coaches worked with the pupils perfecting their balance, coordination and confidence. By the end of the day all 12 pupils were riding their bikes without stabilisers or additional support.

Well done!!


This week, we have identified more pupils who cannot ride a bike. We are looking forward to our next Learn to Ride next month, where 18 other pupils will have the opportunity to attend this session and learn to ride a bike.

What are we doing at William Bellamy Primary to help our pupils become more active?


Midday Assistant physical activity training

Wake and Shake

Sports coaches at lunchtime

Increased morning clubs

Increased lunchtime activity

Increased after school clubs

Weekend football club

Hosting a weekend football team

Change 4 Life

Improving Physical Education lessons 

Embedded a talented policy for PE

Providing team training

Attending competitions at inter level

Holding competitions at intra level

Advertising sports clubs within the community

Working with other schools to deliver festivals

Providing training for young sports leaders

Our young sports leaders providing lunchtime activities for our younger pupils

Encouraging walking to school

Bike ability course

Attending Panathlon challenge

Active spellings

Skills to Play

Paralympic clubs

Football, Basketball, Hockey, Netball, Tag Rugby, Cricket, Boccia, Gymnastics, New age kurling, Croquet, Dodgeball, Sports hall athletics, outdoor athletics, challenge me club and cross country.


Get active from an early age

Come to school early every morning and start your day with our Wake and Shake dance routines. All ages can access our easy to learn dances, with music added you will have fun and get your bodies and mind ready for your learning.

See you there! From Mrs Rose, Mr Smith and Miss Maria