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William Bellamy Primary School

Welcome to our school website.

I hope that it enables you to see what makes our school such a wonderful place!

William Bellamy Primary School is a five form entry school on the border of East London and Essex. 


We are Aspirational

We are an aspirational school, our staff and Governors are all working extremely hard to provide the best learning opportunities for our pupils.  We have high expectations of all our learners and ensure they are challenged, whilst offering support to those pupils’ who need it.

We Learn without Limits!

Everyone within our school is working towards having a ‘Growth Mindset’.   We are working towards ensuring that every adult and child understands that intelligence and abilities can be developed through effort, persistence, trying different strategies and learning from mistakes. We are developing pupils’ resilience and ensuring that we never say we can’t do it, we just can’t do it yet!

We are multicultural

We are very proud of our multi-cultural school which serves a diverse community in Dagenham. We celebrate the diversity of the culture, religion and ethnicity of our families and staff.  We are proud to be a school which represents the world!  We learn and share from one another and believe that our School is better when we respect one another.

We are inclusive

The nature of the community we serve allows us to develop and nurture a truly inclusive, vibrant and exciting school. We welcome pupils’ who have a range of needs and ensure that they are supported, challenged and developed to ensure that they have as many opportunities as possible.  We have a strong team of adults who work incredible hard to break down any barriers to learning to ensure that every pupil makes the best possible progress they can.

We are nurturing

At William Bellamy we feel that our pupils’ emotional and social wellbeing is extremely important and is vital to enable them to make as much academic progress as possible.  Our vision is our pupils are confident learners who are proud of their achievements. We want every pupil to feel that their school is a safe place and we will give them the tools to ensure that they know how to keep themselves emotionally and physically safe.

For some pupils this is more difficult, as a school we have an extensive Nurture Team and Family Support Team who also provide that much needed care for our pupils and their families as and when they require it.



I am proud to be Headteacher of this school and alongside our Governors, Teachers, Support Staff, Parents, Carers and Community will work relentlessly to ensure that each and every one of  our amazing pupils have the best possible start to their education.


Please use the contact page if you would like to contact some key members of the team, we are always happy to help, listen and support.


Kindest regards,


Mrs Massar



'We Learn...We Grow...Together'