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PE and Extended Schools

Our Visions


Through our PE, School Sports and Physical Activity we endeavour to use our whole school vision to encourage pupils to make the most of every opportunity they may come across.  


We use every opportunity within our PE lessons, our school sports at intra and inter level, our team training, our inclusive and adapted sports, our SEND sports teams and our physical activity sessions to support our pupils to become independent, responsible, kind and considerate pupils who are able to see the self worth in their own ability and efforts. We aim for all of our pupils to be Healthy, happy, Sociable young people, Self-motivated, determined, positive and fair, Hard working and aspirational,Confident, independent learners, Creative, curious and critical thinkers, Collaborators, problem solvers,  innovators, Respectful and responsible, Global citizens and Generous and compassionate.


Our Pupils Vision for PE and School Sport

School Vision for Sports and PE


Wake and shake, it starts our day!
In the most inspiring way.
Live for sports and reach your goal
Lots of energy, strength and soul                                                  
It’s just not the winning, but taking part
Active lifestyles make a start
Motivation will keep you fit


Be sure to have your P.E. kit

Energy and enthusiasm all the way

Let’s get physical, start today!

Learn new sports and let off steam

At William Bellamy we’re a team
Maintain a very healthy heart

You can do it, so let’s start!

Our whole school vision


At William Bellamy Primary School our children and families are at the very heart of everything we do. 


We strive to create a culture and environment which inspires each individual within our school community to be the very best that they can be. 


We have the highest expectations of achievement and behaviour and offer a nurturing and supportive ethos where we can celebrate difference and ensure that everyone meets their full potential.


We value every individual and commit to ensuring everyone feels listened to and heard.  We place the highest importance on our close working relationships with parents and other members of our community.


We offer the highest quality educational experience, aiming to inspire a generation of lifelong learners, who take pride in their achievements and take ownership of their learning.


We believe creativity and imagination is the key to developing future passions and talents.  We have a positive, “can do” attitude, believing that the sky is our limit, and we will think creatively and outside the box to meet the needs of our learners and our community. 


We want our pupils to be confident, aspirational and empowered to participate successfully at an academic, social and emotional level in a rapidly changing world.


Healthy, happy,

Sociable young people,

Self-motivated, determined, positive and fair,

Hard working and aspirational,

Confident, independent learners,

Creative, curious and critical thinkers,

Collaborators, problem solvers, innovators

Respectful and responsible,

Global citizens,

Generous and compassionate.


At William Bellamy Primary School we have the highest aspirations…