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Whole School Weekly Attendance

Whole School Attendance from September 2018 to

week beginning 5 November 2018


Whole School  96.64

Coming to school everyday is the best way to ensure that your child makes the best of all learning opportunities offered.


To encourage our pupils to come to school everyday on time we have a range of incentives!!


In Key Stage 2 pupils who have attendance of 99% or above will become part of the prestigious "99ers club" and get a bespoke wrist band!


For EYFS and Key Stage 1 the pupils who come to school everyday for 5 days will receive a special attendance badge, each week they can collect a different badge to add to their collection.  


This week's attendance for each class is below.


Class %
Golapi (Morning) 95.61
Golapi (afternoon) 81.82
Rausva (Morning) 98.18
Rausva (Afternoon) 76.00


Yellow 94.44
Jaune 98.40
Geltona 98.26
Holud 97.60
Amarelo 92.69
Bleu 96.07
Blue 95.17
Nil 94.00


Melyna 95.33
Red 95.33
Rouge 98.52
Lal 97.04
Vermelho 95.56
Raudonas 98.28
Purple 99.29
Violet 97.04
Benguni 95.17
Roxo 95.36
Violetinis 97.93
Green 95.93
Vert 90.00
Shobuj 97.14
Verde 99.23
Zalia 96.53
Orange 98.46


Komola 97.93
Laranja 97.86
Oranzinis 98.21
Gold 98.62
Auksas 98.61


Shonar 91.72
Ouro 99.31


Please note that any holiday or leave of absence requests will not be authorised in term time. Any unauthorised absence may result in a fixed penalty notice being issued by the borough.


If your child is ill please ensure that you notify the school office.

Our school's Overall Attendance Target for this year is 96% - please help us exceed this by ensuring your child comes in to school every day!