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Year 6

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Newsletter to Parents Autumn 2020

Newsletter to Parents

Maths SATS revision

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Year 6 Thriftwood Residential 2020

Dear Parents/Carers


We are writing to make you aware that there has been a rise in the number incidents at school, amongst some children, as a result of social media and message communications they have had after school.  We have become increasingly concerned about the name and content of some of the Whatsapp group chats that are being used, especially by some children in Year 5 and 6.


Although we cannot control the children’s use of technology when they are not in school, it is something that we cannot ignore when it is on occasion resulting in inappropriate behaviour transferring into the school day.


We, as a school, wanted to bring this to your attention, and make you aware of what the children could potentially be exposed to. We would request your continued support in monitoring closely the content of what your children are accessing.


We have added some useful information to the school website and Facebook Page to support you with guidance on E-Safety and social media (


We thank you for your support, and look forward to our continued partnership in safeguarding your children.

Our Summer Learning
Kensuke's Kingdom
We will be reading the book Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. The story is about a young boy who is washed up on a desert island where he meets an old Japanese man called Kensuke. The book is about the ways the two come to understand each other and get on together. The children will get the opportunity to write in character and empathise with the feelings of Michael the young boy in the story. 
Classifying Living Things
In Science we will be learning about ways we can classify living things into different categories. The children will have the opportunity to choose categories into which they can sort a range of living things.
Our Spring Learning
Goodnight Mister Tom
We will be reading the book Goodnight Mister Tom which is about a young evacuee who is sent to a small village to stay with an old man Thomas Oakley. We will be looking at the themes of the story and the wider story of evacuation in World War 2.


In Science this half term the children will be building on their knowledge of electricity. This will involve building more complex circuits and conducting their own experiments.

Year 6 Christmas Performance

Some photos from our Christmas Performance

Our Autumn Learning


In English for the second half term we will be studying War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. The children will learn about the historical background to the novel and will be writing letters from different perspectives. 

We will also be studying the non-fiction text Our Amazing Planet. This will be using infographics to  teach the children some of the main issues surrounding the Earth and the environment.


In Science for the second half term the children will be learning about the heart and the circulatory system.

Creative Curriculum

Here are some photos from our Creative Curriculum topic of Mayans.


The Viewer by Shaun Tan and Gary Crew

We will be reading the multi-modal text The Viewer and doing a range of activities around it including writing Newspaper Reports and Narratives.

Werewolf Club Rules

We will also be reading the poetry book Werewolf Club Rules by Joseph Coehlo.

The children will have the opportunity to write their own poetry and discuss the themes and images of the poems read.


In Science we will be learning about Light. The children will have the opportunity to conduct a range of investigations and solve a mystery.

Spring 1 Newsletter


In English our learning will be focussed on the following genres, which will reflect a variety of writing styles.


We will be studying the book Goodnight Mister Tom and discussing the themes involved. The children will be writing poems based on themes identified and empathising with the characters.

Narrative :

The children will be writing their own narratives based around the events of Goodnight Mister Tom.

This will involve identifying feelings and emotions of characters and using ambitious vocabulary.



In Maths we learn through a range of activities. We focus on the 4 operations (+, -, x and ÷) and how to apply them in real life contexts and to solve problems. We also develop mental maths skills. The focus of learning will be as follows:

Fractions, decimals and percentages : This will involve converting fractions, decimals and percentages across each other. We will also be calculating a range of different question types in this area.

Algebra : We will also be working on algebra. Finding values represented by letters.

There will also be a focus throughout the year on accessing the wide variety of questions children are likely to see when they sit their SATs in May.


Creative Curriculum

In Creative Curriculum this half term, children will be learning about The Second World War. They will learn about the major events and some of the people who were involved. The children will also learn about the children who were evacuated and some of the experiences they had.



In Science, children will build on their knowledge of Electricity. They will revisit electrical circuits and how to build more complex examples. They will also look at different uses of electricity and real life examples.

Science lessons will be practical based and will encourage the children to plan investigations of their own and analyse their findings.

The children will represent their results in a variety of different ways thus encouraging cross-curricular links with maths.


Other Subject

PSHE: The PSHE topic this term is Rights. The children will be learning about the UN charter for the Rights of the Child and how it applies to them..


Outdoor- Active sport with Mrs D. Rose

With our P.E. Specialists, the children will be:

Developing their skills and knowledge of team games, their rules and strategies, personal fitness and well-being.


Modern Foreign Language: In French we will be learning about the history of France. The children will be structuring sentences in French and learning new words to describe historical places.


RE: Beliefs and questions. Learning how questioning things is a big part of people’s beliefs.