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Year 2

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Hello everyone! We hope that you had a fantastic Summer rest and are ready to come back to do some fantastic learning!

Meet the Year Two Team

Picture 1 Mrs Hussein and Mrs Aliu (HLTA)

Autumn 2

Please continue to practise your times tables on Rock Star Maths - Children have all been given their log ins.



This half term in English, we will be writing our own Non-chronological reports. We will be basing our learning on the information text book “Elephants” and using it to inform our own writing. To support us with this, we will be visiting Colchester Zoo to help everyone gain a good background knowledge of the different animals, their sizes, information about them and the habitats that they live in. We will then use the information to create our own texts using the key features such as a title, subtitle, picture, diagrams and many more.

Following on from this we will be reading the book,  Lila and the Secret of Rain. In this topic we will be working our sequenincing skills, creating settings, characters and plot. We will be writing for a range of purposes in role of characters from other places in the world. We will draw inferences from the book about what is being said and done and discussing our favourite words and phrases from the book.


Our trip to Colchester Zoo

Our trip to Colchester Zoo 1 They are African Elelphants - Miami
Our trip to Colchester Zoo 2 They throw mud to get rid of the flies - Jack
Our trip to Colchester Zoo 3 African Elephants have ears like Africa - Eren
Our trip to Colchester Zoo 4 The giraffe has a long tongue - Chloe
Our trip to Colchester Zoo 5 The trunk has slobbery nostrils - Myia
Our trip to Colchester Zoo 6 The trunk puts the food in their mouth - Rory
If you'd like to find out more about elephants with your child here are some websites you can visit.



In Maths we will be learning about:

· Addition and subtraction— we have one final week left of addition and subtraction where we will focus on finding the difference.

· Measurement: Money— We will count in 1p, 5p, 10p to secure their knowledge of related facts. We will also learn about paying for items with coins and notes. When recording amounts we will write £1 and 50p before putting them together in KS2

· Number: Multiplication and Division—we will begin to learn about equal and unequal groups. We will then move onto the concept of repeated addition and repeated subtraction for multiplication and division. We will then move onto using the correct symbols and to interpret “maths stories” and create our own. We will use concrete resources and pictorial representations to help support our understanding.


Websites to help with Maths:

Creative Curriculum

Our Topic this half term links to both our English learning and our Science topic. The title of this is Animal Kingdom. Children will be learning about different places around the world and how the weather effects them. We will be identifying hot and cold countries and where they are. We will also learn about different weather patterns in the UK and how it effects our daily lives. We will also be learning about the dangers of weather in different places around the world and how it affects those that live there.


Other Subject


During PSHE children will be learning about their wellbeing as well as a range of topics that may have an impact to their lives. Children will be given the time to discuss and give their own opinion on what they learn. For example, an area that we have looked at is Extinction and the impact that this may have upon our planet.

Modern Foreign Language

Within this topic we are learning about schools. We are learning some of key vocabulary for the subjects that children learn and some of the activities that they may take part in.


Our RE theme this half term is Light and Dark. We will be looking at pictures and stories featuring light and darkness and responding to them. We will think about our own feelings and experiences as well as learning that light is an important symbol in many religions. Lastly, we will explore the stories and celebrations of some religious festivals.


Our Science topic this half term is Habitats. This topic links closely to Creative Curriculum and English. We will be investigating the different habitats that animals live in and why it is important for those habitats to be maintained. We will be learning about the habitats in our local area as well as the microhabitats that we can find.


Autumn 1




In Year Two this half term we will be focusing our learning around the book “Beegu” and “Traction Man.”


Beegu By Alexis Deacon


The entry to the book will include an alien crash in the Key Stage One Playground where we will then hunt for clues to find out who the owner of the spaceship is.

We will then begin our learning by focusing on descriptive writing and recounts. In descriptive writing we will practise using adjectives and using these to write noun phrases using conjunctions to add more detail. When learning about recounts, we will learn why the features are important in everyday life such as speech and language. We will then order events and use time connectives in our writing to explain the order in which something has happened. We will be writing in the first person using our own experiences.



Animation based on the book 'Beegu' by Alexis Deacon created for my second year modelmaking degree Animation and Production by Paul Coley, Music by Sam White, Narration by Hayley Nice

Traction Man


Our new picture book that we are reading is Traction Man by Mini Grey. It is the story of an Action Figure who has been given as a present to a child for Christmas. Traction Man goes on many adventures throughout the home. In this Unit of work we will be writing letters and then planning and writing our own story. To engage children with the book further we have used role play and speech to consider what Traction Man may have been feeling throughout his adventures.

Traction Man is Here! - Books Alive!

Books Alive present a reading of Mini Grey's Traction Man is Here! Your everyday hero in your everyday home fighting everyday bad guys and saving everyday things. Hilarious story of a boy's action man and where his imagination takes them both...and the trusty scrubbing brush sidekick!


In Maths we will be learning about:

· Number and place value—this will include understanding the value of each number. Identifying the tens and ones in a number. As well as the ways in which we are able to partition them. We will also look at greater than and less than to support us in comparing numbers.

· Addition and subtraction—this will include using family facts, comparing number sentences and knowing our number bonds to 100 in tens. We will then continue to add and subtract tens and ones , then further our knowledge to subtract a 1 digit number from a 2 digit number crossing over the tens values.








Other Subject



Our PSHE topic for this half term is ‘Tolerance and Accepting People. In this topic we will learn how to be respectful of others and how to control ourselves and our behaviour in different situations.

Modern Foreign Language

Children will be consolidating their learning from the previous year as well as learning to name nouns that we are familiar with. We will also learn to count to 20.



Our RE topic is called ‘Who wants to be famous?” In this topic children will learn to identify some famous people and the characteristics of what makes them famous. We will learn why leaders of faith are important to believers and begin to know some key stories told by them.



Our Science topic this half term is Animals including humans. We will be learning about the different offspring from different species. And that they grow into adults. We will learn that all humans and animals have basic needs such as eating and drinking. Lastly we will learn about the importance of exercise and how it effects the human body.



Creative Curriculum

Our Topic this half term is toys. In this topic we will learn about toys from the past and compare them to the toys of today. We will look at the favourite toys of different family members and how they are different to the toys of the children in class and use sources to answer questions that we may have.. We will look at Early 20th Century toys and study the chronology of the toys in this time period. As well as looking at the life of children. We will then learn about Victorian toys and identify similarities and differences of the toys in this period, the early 20th century and the toys of children today.

Our creative project that we will be working on is finger puppets. We will be designing, planning, making and then evaluating our own using a variety of different skills.