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Year 1


This is where you can find out what is happening in Year 1 throughout the year.

Activities that now work on mobile devises on the MyMaths website

My Maths


For additional maths home learning, please remember that William Bellamy Primary School uses MyMaths. Tasks will be set for the children to complete so please check regularly for any update to the work.


We have been informed that some parents and children are struggling to use MyMaths of mobile devices. Attached is a list of all the activities that now work on mobile devises. The MyMaths company have released an update for their website. Please see read on for more information. 


From MyMaths:


Further to our last update regarding MyMaths and our move away from Flash-based content, we are pleased to announce that a further 89 Online Homework tasks have now been updated from Flash to HTML. This takes the total number of converted tasks to over 300.

A complete list of which content has been updated is available on our support site, and will be continually added to as we release new content. We also now have downloadable lists for both our Primary and SecondaryMyMaths subscribers detailing which topics and strands have now been updated.

Our work on moving away from Flash-based content is ongoing. As well as updating homework tasks, we will soon be releasing other content types as well, such as worksheets and lessons.

Whilst we continue to release content in its new format, we recommend that you access MyMaths using a desktop PC or a laptop, or that you download the Puffin Academy app to ensure you have the most streamlined user experience when moving between resources.

For more information on our progress, visit our dedicated support pagefor the most up-to-date information.

Jack and the beanstalk



Jack and the Beanstalk is our latest book that we have been reading in English. The children received a letter from Jack asking for help. He told the children that he was very poor and hungry and the Giant had lots of treasure and gold. He asked the children to steal the gold so that Jack and his mum can live comfortably for the rest of their lives.

Will the children steal to help Jack?

The children had a deep conversations about what is right and what is wrong. Children said some very profound things and had some very strong convictions.

The children were led to the hall where the Giant was sleeping. His snoring was so loud that it shook the room. The children snuck into the hall to steal the gold but not every child agreed with this and some chose not to steal the gold and they thought of alternative ways of helping Jack.

At the end of the event the children discussed what they had done and if they did the right thing. What would you have done?

Shhh! The giant is sleeping!


10 things I can do to help my world


Year 1 has been reading the book “10 things I can do to help my world”.


We started the exploration of the book by having an assembly led by Mrs Pocock where the children discussed a variety of ways in which they could help their environment. They spoke about reducing waste, recycling and reusing rubbish in creative ways. After this discussion the children had a change to sort rubbish into groups so that they could be recycled. They have to think about the materials that the objects were made of and discuss if they could be recycled. By the end of the process we had a lot of sorted rubbish ready to be sent off to be recycled.


Saving the world by recycling.

Room on the Broom


The children have been looking at the book 'Room on the Broom'. 



We have been reading the story, acting out the story and finally writing the story. The children have really enjoyed learning about adjectives, imperative verbs and time connectives.


To end this brilliant book, the children had to devise a potion, write the instructions and create the potion using weird and wonderful ingredients. 

Here are some of the yucky ingredients used...





Here are the children experimenting and mixing their potions!

Alien day


To say farewell to the book 'I'm a little alien' Year 1 had an Alien day!


They dressed up in the theme of Space.


The children also sat in the hall with their friends and recited their poems.

The Minibeasts Hunt


Year 1 we're privileged to have a special visitor from RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) come into school to deliver a Minibeast Hunt. 


The guest taught us about all the different minibeasts that are around us. 


She then gave us a range of equipment to search high and low so that we can find and record all the minibeasts that we saw.


We had so much fun looking high and low for minibeasts! 

Minibeast search!

Oggy the Robot


This half term we have been looking at the book “I’m a little Alien”. We travelled the solar system to Jupiter through the use of poetry. When we landed on Jupiter we met up with Oggy the Robot!


We asked Oggy some very interesting questions about space. We couldn't understand Oggy's bleeps so Miss Anderson had to tell us what he said. 


Oggy, Miss Anderson and Miss Eldrette then taught us how to speak fluent robot in the style of poetry. 

The whole experience was out of this world!


Did you hear about the Sad Pirate at William Bellamy Primary?


On Wednesday 6th September, Year 1's assembly was interrupted by a very sad pirate. 


Related image


He was sad because all the other pirates got an invitation to go on a hunt to find the golden underpants but he didn't.  The children tried to make the sad pirate feel better by promising him that they would write an invitation to invite him on a treasure hunt!


After some weeks of intense and fun learning, the Year 1 children decided to invite the Sad Pirate to a Pirate party! They wrote him another invitation! He was so happy! And so where the children!





The Pirate Parade!

Contact Mr Morrison (Year Group Leader)

Welcome to Year One!

On this page you will find out everything that you need to know about what your children are learning in Year One. The page will be updated each week with information such as:


  • pictures of what the children have been learning in school
  • pictures of trips that we have been on
  • helpful website links for you to use at home


Please keep checking back.

We look forward to working with you.

The Year One Team

Meet the team!

Blue Class - Mr Morrison and Mrs Field

Azul - Mrs Bytyci and Mrs Hill

Nil - Miss Anderson and Mrs Godfrey

Bleu - Mrs Small and Ms Lynch

Melyna - Miss Eldrett and Mrs Harvey

Year One Cover Supervisor - Mrs Denham


Each week pupils will continue to bring home their spelling journal to practise weekly for their spelling test on a Thursday afternoon. Please make sure that you practise this everyday and bring back the journal on a Wednesday ready for the test.


Pupils should read daily and a record of this should be noted in your child’s home reading log.




Each week pupils will complete a set amount of home learning from their Maths logs. Please use the contents at the front of the log which tells you which pages need to be completed. If there are any problems please speak to your child's class teacher who will be happy to help and support you where possible. The maths logs focus on number bonds to 10 and 20, as well as multiplication and division.

There will also be weekly challenges on Mathletics which your child's teacher will assign to the class or individuals to practice. These task will reflect what the children have been learning the current week in maths lessons.