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Here are a few tips and basics to get you started on your ukulele...

Here is a diagram of your Ukulele

Ukulele is probably the most easiest of instruments to learn. It only has 4 strings and is very small compared to a guitar or a bass. The chords are not so complicated either which makes learning a whole lot easier. Although ukulele and guitar are different, they also share many of the same qualities. I.e. Strumming patens and techniques are very similar when playing. Some guitar chords also can be found on the ukulele.
The picture above are demonstrations of the easier chords to learn. It's always good to start very basic to get used to portioning your fingers on the strings, it takes a little while to get used to.  An easy way to get used to portioning yours fingers are numbering your fingers for example.

Your index finger would be 1.
Your middle finger would be 2.
Your ring finger would be 3.
and your little finger would be 4.

This will make reading chords a lot clearer when you become used to your ukulele.
How to strum.
There is a technique in your strumming when playing your ukulele. This involves only your Index finger and your thumb. As you strum the string down you use your Index finger, when you strum up you use your thumb. This creates  a constant flow of the string. It's always good to make sure you practice these patens with simple songs first.
You can aldo use a Ukulele pick which wraps around your index finger. These take a bit of getting used to..