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The Role of Parents/Carers

The Role of Parents/Carers

At William Bellamy we welcome and encourage good communication with all our parents.


The SEN Code of Practice (2014) states that schools should work in partnership with parents in addressing the special needs/disability of pupils within the school. 


It is essential that parents work closely with the school in order for the pupil to achieve their full learning potential. Parents/carers have a responsibility for communicating effectively with schools and SEND professionals in order to support their child’s education.


Parents will be invited to attend meetings to discuss their son/daughters progress. These meetings will give you the chance to contribute about the current provision in place to make sure that it is still appropriate. 

We would like you to talk to your child’s class teacher regularly so we know what they are doing at home and we can tell you about what we are doing in school.  This will ensure that we are doing similar things to support them both at home and school and we can share what is working well in both places.


What support do we have for parents/carers of children with SEND?

Prior to entry, parents with a child who already has a statement /Education Health care Plan will be invited to a meeting which will be attended by all agencies who have been involved in order to share information to support that child.

Parents of children joining Nursery and Reception will be offered a home visit from the class teacher and teaching assistant during which you can discuss your child’s strengths and needs in order for the school to be made aware of any additional support your child may need.

The Class Teacher and/or the Inclusion Lead is available to meet with you to discuss your child’s progress or any concerns/worries you may have.


All information from outside professionals will be discussed with you and with the person involved directly, or where this is not possible, in a report.  The Inclusion Lead will also arrange to meet with you to discuss any new assessments and ideas suggested by the outside agencies for your child.


Your child’s progress will be reviewed with your child’s involvement each term.  Your child’s teacher will be available to discuss and review the targets.

A home/school contact book may be used to support communication with you, when this has been agreed to be useful for you and your child.

The Parent Support Advisor and Family Professional are available to met with you if you require any additional support or advice or signpost you to other support agencies available.

If your child is undergoing statutory assessment for an Education Health Care Plan then you can be helped through the process by Parents in Partnership, a free help and advice service provided by the Local Authority


In Addition:

Common Assessment Form

In order to help your son/daughter achieve their learning potential we may ask your permission to fill in a Common Assessment Form (CAF). Either the Inclusion Lead, Family Professional, Learning Mentor or Parent Support Advisor will ask you to attend a meeting to provide some information about your child and your family and in your presence we will fill in the CAF. We will only include information that you tell the member of staff. The CAF will provide an overview of your family and will help us to decide together what we need to organise next. The CAF is a confidential document and will not be shared with anyone unless you have given your permission to do so.


Families who have previously had CAF’s have found this to be a supportive process as they have found that the agreed referral to the appropriate agencies has helped them to support their child to be successful at William Bellamy. 


Additional Support for Parents and Carers

Additional Support can be found on the LBBD Website.  Please follow link below: