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Speech & Language

Welcome to Speechlink resource pack!

 These activities and games are designed to support children with Speech, Language and Communication needs (but will benefit all!)

At William Bellamy we are committed to supporting speaking and listening skills. We firmly believe that children need to 'Talk It' before they can 'Read It and Write It'!

This programme will develop children's listening and communication skills which is proven to impact positively on all literacy skills and raise attainment.

It will not only help you as Parents to support your childs's  speaking and listening skills, but also their participation skills and greatly help raise their self-confidence.

These activities target different areas of language skills.

Infant language link (4-7yrs) - Concepts, Following instructions, Verb tenses, Negatives, Pronouns, Questions, Verbal Reasoning and Associations.

Junior Language Link (7-11yrs) - Concepts, Verb tenses, Negatives, Complex sentences, inferences, Figurative language and Vocabulary skills.

All areas are explained in each heading. Please click on preferred activity and feel free to print it off to play at home!  

If you would like to discuss any of the activities listed or would like some advice on speech and language, please book an appointment with a member of the speech and language team through the school office.

General information hand outs.
Working on concepts.
Working on following instructions.
Working on negatives. 
Working on pronouns. 
Working on questions. 
Working on understanding (General Language).
Working on verb tenses.
Working on verbal reasoning. 
Working on vocabulary skills.