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Science Overview



Our Principals and Vision of Science

Science teaching is good when…

…there is a good balance of knowledge and scientific enquiry

…lessons are informative and thought provoking

…children are able to use a range of methods to explore investigations

…children are leading the learning experience with the teacher as the facilitator

…lessons are differentiated to meet the needs of all children

…lessons are well resourced

…children are able to question and respond to topics with discussion and scientific language

…recorded learning is meaningful and extends learning


Science Vision Statement


At William Bellamy Primary School our vision is to ignite pupils' curiosity and encourage them to confidently explore and discover the world around them, so that they develop a deeper understanding of the world we live in.

Through our practical and enjoyable curriculum we aim to inspire and excite our children and foster a thirst for knowledge. We believe that these opportunities will ensure that our children are confident, life-long learnings who will explore science around them.