William Bellamy Primary School We learn... We grow... Together

School Tour

Welcome to William Bellamy Primary school.... 

Have a look around!

Picture 1 The path to Education.
Picture 2 Welcome to our main entrance.
Picture 3 Come and take a look inside!
Picture 4 Our front desk, here with a warm welcome.
Picture 5 Our lovely staff hard at work.
Picture 6 Take a seat while you wait?
Picture 7 Lets have a look at our Yr 6 classes
Picture 8 Shonar class, Lots of fun here.
Picture 9 Gold class, always ready to learn.
Picture 10 A sneak peek into our staffroom
Picture 11 Relax and unwind in our lovely staffroom.
Picture 12 Our staff love it, Cup of tea anyone?
Picture 13 Our PPA room, where the fun learning is planned.
Picture 14 Lets go down to yet more fun classes!
Picture 15 Here is Or, ready to learn as always!
Picture 16 Want to see more?
Picture 17 British Values Display.
Picture 18 Lets take a look..
Picture 19 Digestive System, fascinating.
Picture 20 Here is Komola! Been busy I see.
Picture 21 Ouro class, Organised and ready. Great!
Picture 22 Check out our wonderful displays!
Picture 23 Orange class, the learning door is open!
Picture 24 Our school displays can be found EVERYWHERE!
Picture 25 Laranja class, get ready. Steady. GO!
Picture 26 Lets take a trip to our Oasis.
Picture 27 Wild, in the jungle.
Picture 28 Ouch!!! First aid anyone?
Picture 29 Yum Yum, Lunch time..
Picture 30 Care to share your lunch Oasis?
Picture 31 Our wonderful Oasis Classroom.
Picture 32 Full of fun and learning here!
Picture 33 KS2 Hall, Come and sing with us.
Picture 34 Our lovely violetinis class.
Picture 35 Here is hard working Purple class.
Picture 36 We love poetry.
Picture 38 P.E Kits. Are you ready for sports?
Picture 39 Check out our colour mixes.
Picture 40 Violet class, Full of character.
Picture 41 Class Roxo, planning something?
Picture 42 Check out our playtime activities.
Picture 43 Our learning mentors, hanging out on break time!
Picture 44 Benguni, Look how colourful!!
Picture 45 Zalia class, our new edition this year!
Picture 46 Books, books everywhere!
Picture 47 Lets take a peek in our year 4 classrooms.
Picture 48 Enjoy our photo displays.
Picture 49 Shobuj class, I spot helpers..
Picture 50 Our golden wall. Are you a golden child?
Picture 51 Vert class, what are we learning today?
Picture 52 Green class have also been busy.
Picture 53 Verde, Are you ready to learn?
Picture 54 Lets check out our KS2 ICT suite.
Picture 55 So much to explore in one lesson. Let's be safe
Picture 56 Come on, lets go see some more!!
Picture 57 Orang'e class, Busy busy bee's
Picture 58 Let have some fun learning!!
Picture 59 Come and look at our MASSIVE playground!
Picture 60 So much space to run and play
Picture 61 What's that, in the distance..?
Picture 62 Care to see our Infant side of our school?
Picture 63 Rainbow SEB, Lets have fun.
Picture 64 Sunshine SEB, All is welcome!
Picture 65 Come and talk to us, our door is always open
Picture 66 Rainbow seb's artist.
Picture 67 Colourful and relaxing.. lets relax
Picture 68 Isn't this wonderful..Chill out room
Picture 69 Welcome to William Bellamy Library
Picture 70 Lets take a trip to our hall
Picture 71 Where our school assemblies take place.
Picture 72 Monkeying around, LET'S PLAY!!
Picture 73 KS1 Dinner hall... Yummmmmm!
Picture 74 What we got for lunch today?
Picture 75 Lovely art work, lovely home learning.
Picture 76 Lets take a walk down Year 1 and 2!
Picture 77 Here is our IT office, Need technical support?
Picture 78 First stop, Rouge class!
Picture 79 Lets go fly a kite?
Picture 80 Vermelho class, So tidy!!
Picture 81 Check out some of our displays?
Picture 82 Our fantastic ICT suite in KS1
Picture 83 KS1 Speech and lanuage.
Picture 84 Azul class, Just look at those displays.
Picture 85 Arrrrrrr! This be Blue class.
Picture 86 Ouchhh!! First aid is at hand.
Picture 87 Red class is in wonderland.
Picture 88 Brrrr! It's a bit cold!!
Picture 89 Fantastic work from our fantastic children.
Picture 90 Nil class can't quite let it go.
Picture 91 Nice relaxing chair you have there Bleu class.
Picture 92 There is a little circus in Melyna's class Shhh..
Picture 93 Raindrop Nurture Group
Picture 94 What a masterpiece.
Picture 95 Have a comfy seat, lets learn and play!
Picture 96 Welcome to Reception.
Picture 97 This is Amarelo class. Shh children are learning..
Picture 98 Jaune, look how big their number line is.
Picture 99 Holud class, all having fun.
Picture 100 Wow!! Big Ben here at William Bellamy!
Picture 101 This is Geltona, All looking busy.
Picture 102 Yellow class, busy bee's.
Picture 103 What's through this door?
Picture 104 Our new Nursery, come on in!!
Picture 105 So much fun learning happens here.
Picture 106 Which activity do you want to play with today?
Picture 107 Daffodils learning corner.
Picture 108 Daisy's learning corner.
Picture 109 Marigold's learning corner.
Picture 110 Poppies learning corner.
Picture 111 Grab your coats, we're off outside to learn.
Picture 112 Sea saw anyone?
Picture 113 P.E lesson in Ks1 playground.
Picture 114 I think that might had gone in?
Picture 115 He Shoots...
Picture 116 Welcome to 'The Cabin', Tea or coffee?
Picture 117 How about a nice chat?