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Road to Rio

The children at William Bellamy are storming ahead with their Road to Rio initiative. The introduction of the Passport to Rio morning club has been so successful that we are now inviting more children to join in. Each child receives their very own passport, they record all of the physical activities and sports which they take part in. For this club the focus is improving fitness, the children are able to use the track in very creative ways. There are different pieces of equipment which the children can use freely, some have chosen to hurdle while other have completed laps whilst batting a ball up and down. Children have started to time themselves completing sprints and long distance, this is also logged into their own passport, and during the next session the children can challenge themselves to beat their own time from the previous sessions. Take a look at some of our children who were the first to join the Passport to Rio club.

Tag Rugby joining in with the Road to Rio

How far can we go?

Participating in more sports to get to Rio

Our Road to Rio