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Rights Respecting

William Bellamy is proud to announce that they are a Unicef Rights Respecting Bronze School.  The school is continuing their Rights Respecting journey with the aim of achieving Silver Status this year (2020).

“Unicef works with schools in the UK to create safe and inspiring places to learn, where children are respected, their talents are nurtured and they are able to thrive. Our Rights Respecting Schools Award embeds these values in daily school life and gives children the best chance to lead happy, healthy lives and to be responsible, active citizens. – Unicef UK.


What do we do as a Rights Respecting School?

  • Children’s rights are embedded across the curriculum so that all children are fully aware of their rights.
  • Children are encouraged to become global citizens who help campaign for change so that all children across the world are able to access their rights.
  • We take part in Unicef’s annual youth campaign Outright, that empowers young people and children to speak out about children’s rights.
  • Article of the Month is displayed in all classrooms and discussed in assembly times.
  • Each class create their own Class Charter, where children choose the  5 most relevant rights that they feel should be respected in their classroom.  This is signed and upheld by children and adults.
  • We have a steering group that meet to discuss how we can work towards our Rights Respecting Award goals.
  • Our behaviour policy in Key Stage Two has been amended to work more cohesively alongside Rights Respecting Award.
  • Display boards include related rights.
  • Rights are displayed in appropriate areas around school.
  • We receive monthly postcards from Paddington.


If you would like any further information please visit the Unicef UK website.

What rights do children have?

Outright 2020

This year’s Outright Campaign is all about climate change.  What steps can you take at home to help combat climate change?

Article 24 - You have the right to the best healthcare possible, safe water to drink, nutritious food a clean and safe environment, and information to help you stay well.

How might climate change impact article 24 of your rights?


We will be doing lots of learning around this subject on Friday 20th November as part of World Children's Day.

Outright 2019- Celebrating 30 years of children's right.