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Remote Learning (Covid-19 related absences)

William Bellamy Primary School

Remote Learning Overview


At William Bellamy Primary School our primary aim is the safety and well-being of our Pupils, Staff and the Wider Community. We recognise that a school closure will impact differently on all of us and we acknowledge that children and families will face a variety of situations and challenges. With this in mind, we take all steps possible to keep school open.  However, if this is not possible, the school has developed a robust remote learning plan, which is outlined below if school were to close.


We would ask all Parents and Guardians to take the time to familiarise themselves with the information below so that our whole community can support our pupils and ensure minimal disruption to their learning if we should be forced to close for any reason.


The document outlines William Bellamy Primary School’s plan for Remote Learning for individuals or groups of pupils isolating, whether waiting for a test result, due to a positive Covid-19 test, isolating due to track and trace or if there is a wider school closure due to Covid-19.


The school has made the decision to not provide ‘live’ teaching as not all pupils can access technology and/or the internet for significant and sustained periods of time.  However remote learning does offer video/audio teaching for the majority of lessons.


Reason for absence

Learning to be completed

Means and frequency of feedback

How Support will be provided

Pupils Self isolating

Individual Learning Pack *

Learning uploaded to Teams will be given feedback or pupils can return pack after isolation (following risk reduction measure)

Pupils/Adult can email Middle Leader via the school website


Class/School Closure

Online learning provided via Teams *

Learning uploaded to Teams will be given feedback


Learning Pack for individuals if unable to access online learning.

Daily ‘Check in Session’

Whole class sessions with Teacher/TA via Teams

Teacher/TA available for electronic chat throughout the school day 


* Details below


Individual Learning Packs (individual isolation)


Learning Packs are age/stage appropriate, differentiated and cover the National Curriculum. Parent/Guardians will be able to contact the Middle Leader for their child’s year group via the school website for support and guidance.


Online Learning (Class of school closure)


William Bellamy Primary School remote learning ensures that pupils have access to online, high quality and engaging learning. The school will use a combination of learning tasks set by school and the national resource ‘Oak National Academy (ONA)’ online learning units.  The school has clearly outlined learning activities for pupils from Reception to Year 6.  These units correspond with learning which will be taking place in school and ensures appropriate curriculum objective coverage. This will therefore ensure, if followed appropriately, learning is not missed.   The remote learning plan outlines the well-sequenced curriculum in order to ensure that knowledge and skills are built incrementally, with a good level of clarity about what is intended to be taught and practised in each subject.


To participate in this learning pupils will need to have access to a mobile/tablet/laptop.  Pupils will watch the lessons and be instructed to record in their books. If a pupil does not have access to an electronic device, the school has a limited number of electronic devices which may be available.  If this is not available, an individual learning pack will be provided to the pupils. 


Where possible, pupils will be asked to upload their learning for teachers to comment on and assess. This will ensure learning is meaningful and outcomes are recognised in all subjects and that their worth is appreciated in the same way that learning is within the school setting. Pupils will be given a stationary pack and learning book in order to record learning activities identified in teaching.  


A User Guide is provided to all parents/guardians to ensure that they have access to online resources via Microsoft Teams.


We recognise that remote learning is a challenge for parents/guardians however the expectation is that pupils are completing learning daily, for a sustained period of time. Therefore, we ask that pupils complete all learning completed. If this is a challenge we encourage parents/guardian to contact the school for support and guidance.


Pupils with significant SEND/Significantly working at a standard below their peers


Pupils will be provided with an individualised learning pack, which is stage appropriate. Resources to ensure pupils can access this learning will also be provided.  Teachers/TAs in the school SEND team will be available to pupils and parents/guardians via Teams. Pupils will be expected to return/upload learning in order for the school to provide feedback.


Pupil Wellbeing


The school has an extensive Nurture Team who have supported pupils through the school recovery plan.  Every pupil in the school has had small group, weekly Nurture sessions.  In the instance of a class/school closure the Nurture Team will arrange weekly virtual nurture sessions with the class via Teams.




The school has updated its Safeguarding policy to include protocols around virtual sessions.