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Family Friday!


Every Friday from 8:45-9:20 you will be able to join your child in their class to support them in their learning! Each week there will be a focus and an opportunity to watch your child's teacher deliver a lesson. This will enable you to gain a greater understanding of the expectations and the different questions that are posed to your child to enable them to become successful learners. 


We hope you all had a wonderful summer holiday and are ready to learn lots of fun and exciting things in your new Reception class.

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My Maths

'Your child has been given a login to 'My Maths'. My Maths' is an exciting application that your child can play on the computer or mobile. It provides them with an opportunity to learn new skills such as; adding and subtracting as well as consolidating taught skills in a fun and exciting way! You can download the application onto your phone or click below for access to the website. Please encourage your child to use this application every day! 

Who’s Who?

Yellow Class – Miss Colley and Mr Ahmed

Jaune Class – Miss Cregan and Miss Otto

Holud Class – Miss Ghai and Mrs Carby

Geltona Class – Miss Alton and Mr Edwards


Amarelo Class – Mrs Murray, Mrs Georgiou, Mrs Green and Miss Hustwitt


Cover Supervisor - Mrs Hardy

Support Staff - Mrs Cracknell (SENCo)

Autumn 1

All About Me

Have a look at what we will be learning this term!



Take a look at our first fabulous Mark Making….


Take a look at all the learning we have done!


Still image for this video

English Learning

The children have been reading 'Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?'. They have been identifying high frequency words and learning how to read from left to right. The children have been writing sentences about what they see! 



Maths Learning


The children have been practicing recall numbers from 1-20! They have been recognising numbers around the learning environment and using mark making to represent this. They have identified 2D shapes and have been introduced to the vocabulary 'sides' and 'corners'. 



"A cube has 6 faces!" - Rory




Black History Month


To celebrate ‘Black History Month’ the children in Reception took part in an African day! They learnt about the similarities and differences between England and Africa, tasted a range of fruit , made necklaces and danced to music!



Diwali Day

The children in Reception celebrated Diwali. They made firework paintings, diva lamps and mehndi patterns. Take a look at their amazing learning…


Autumn 2


Take a look at what we will be learning this half term!

English Learning

This half term the children will be reading Mr Gumpy's Outing! They will be making predictions based on pictures, recognising high frequency words and segmenting and blending a range of words.



The Naughty Bus

Naughty Bus - Interactive Movie for the Classroom

Take a look at where the naughty bus goes!



The children in Reception have been learning about ‘The Naughty Bus’. They have been predicting what is going to happen in the book, putting buses into chocolate and writing sentences about the bus!


Maths Learning

Reception were learning about floating and sinking in the outdoor area! They were able to predict which objects were going to float and sink!


Aaron in Yellow class explained that he had a toy in the bath and it floats! Fares knew that a submarine sinks when you put it in water!


I wonder whether you could list any objects that float?

London Fire Brigade

On Thursday 2nd November the London Fire Brigade visited Reception! The children were able to learn about what firemen wear, what equipment they need and what it is like to ride in a fire truck! Look how much fun they had!

Family Friday!


Every Friday families are invited in to support their child in develop in their learning. You are able to come in from 8:45-9:20 and this is an opportunity to see how your child interacts with their friends, understand the methods of teaching and take a look at their learning. Take a look at what the children have been learning!


Trip to the Post Box!


On Friday 8th December, the Reception children posted letters to Santa! They independently wrote letters to thank Santa for his gift and asked for a present for Christmas. During their walk they noticed that an aeroplane was flying and saw lots of Christmas decorations. Take a look all the fun we had on our first local trip!




Spring 1

This half term the children will be focusing on the topic 'Up, Up and away!". In English the children will be introduced to different fiction and non-fiction texts related to Space. They will be writing letters to Aliens and thinking of questions to ask the Alien. Take a look at our learning so far...


To find out what else we are learning please read the newsletter :) 






Up, Up and AWAY!!!!


On Monday 8th January a strange object crashed into the Reception garden! The children went outside to investigate!


"I think it is a rocket from the sky because it looks like a rocket!" - Myia 


"Look the alien walked away!" - Billy


"I think it is a rocket too because it crashed so hard that it broke!" - Glory


Take a look at the pictures... What do YOU think happened?





After the mysterious rocket landed the children wrote sentences about what had happened! We had a P4C lesson on what we thought had landed.


"It's alien goo!" - Marcus

"It is a spaceship!" - Danni


From this discussion the children were able to say statements about what happened and as a class generated questions!



The Solar System Song

Your child is going to be learning lots of interesting facts about Space!! Look at this video and see how many planets you know!



Reception have been learning about addition and subtraction this half term. They have been using concrete objects to add and subtract. They have been consolidating their knowledge of number recognition in 'Mighty Maths'.

Number song 1-20 for children | Counting numbers | The Singing Walrus

The Singing Walrus presents "Number song 1-20 for children" - help your child to recognise numbers to 20 by listening to this exciting song!


Visit from the Vets


We were lucky enough to have a visit from Oggy the dog! We also got to stroke a rabbit - we wanted to keep all of them! 

Have a look at us stroking the animals :) 



William Bellamy Primary School participated in 'Number Day' for the NSPCC. They took part in exciting and engaging events such as; cooking, number songs and making shapes. Here are some pictures of us in action!


When the space man came to William Bellamy Primary School!

On Monday 5th February 2017 ‘The Astronomy Road show’ came to visit us! We got to learn about Space, astronauts who have landed on the moon and how rockets take off from NASA. Have a look at what we saw!






There at 8 planets in the solar system – Fares


Earth is my favourite planet I live there – Rory


There are red, green and blue lights in Space! – Samuel


The moon is big – Emmanuel

Spring 2 – Lets pretend!



This term the children will be focusing on the ‘Let’s Pretend’. The children will be exploring the text ‘The room on the Broom’ and will be writing amazing sentences about where they went on their broomstick! They will continue to practice their high frequency words everyday to make certain that they are using these in their writing. The children will be using story boxes to create their own stories and act these out.




This term, the children will be learning about doubling, halving, addition and subtracting. They will be using concrete objects such as; playdough/counters to support them with their learning. They will be halving given amounts by exploring what half is and then sharing objects between two people.

In addition to this. the children will be adding/subtracting two given amounts together and learning methods such as counting on/counting back to complete this.



Pupils can sign in at home and play. Go to:

Children’s login details will be sent home so please ensure that you are using this with your child.



Reception children went on a journey on a broomstick! They used their imagination and were able to think of some very interesting places that they would like to go!


"I want to go to the moon!" - Fares

" I am going to go and see Space!" - Rory



Take a look at our potions that we wrote!

Doubling and Halving


We were using different resources to double and halve different numbers. We found out that when you double you add the same number together and halving is when you share equally! 




Miss Colley has 5 sweets and Miss Ghai has double the amount. How many sweets does Miss Ghai have?


Are you doubling or halving? How do you double...? Show me your thinking? Why did you do that?







The Lifecycle of a Hen



Life Cycle of a Chicken (Real time)

Reception children were learning about the 'Lifecycle of a Hen'. They were able to sequence the lifecycle and answer how and why questions to explain! One day something fantastic happened! 

Wellgate Farm asked us to look after their eggs! We kept them safe and warm in an incubator and watched them hatch! There were 4 chicks altogether and we named them! We enjoyed making homes for the chicks, using a variety of materials and were able to write diaries about them. 



Here are some useful links to support your child at home!

Number song 1-20 for children | Counting numbers | The Singing Walrus

3D Shapes I Know (solid shapes song- including sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, and pyramid)

Summer 1

Welcome back! We hope that you enjoyed your Easter break. This half term we will be focusing on lots of exciting things! Please read the newsletter to find out how you can support your child at home. 

Surprising Sharks!


This is our text for the next few weeks. The children will be making sensible predictions based on the front cover, writing fact books and protesting to stop shark finning! 


Take a look at our ideas so far! 

To find out more interesting facts about Sharks click on the link below!

Surprising Sharks Read and Wonder

Maths Learning


We have been learning about 3D shapes and their properties. We can name a cuboid, sphere, cone and pyramid! We know that 3D shapes have faces, edges and vertices and we have found these on the shapes!

3D Shapes I Know (solid shapes song- including sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, and pyramid)



The children have been looking at the impact of human activity on the envionment. Look at the video below and discuss;


- What can you see?


- Who does this?


- What is happening to the sea creatures?


- How can we stop this?

Blue Planet II Plastic Pollution Awareness 2018