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R.E. policy

Religious Education Overview

Attached is the Barking and Dagenham agreed syllabus.  William Bellamy use this to support the teaching and learning of Religious Education in our school.  This Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education has been created by the Barking & Dagenham Agreed Syllabus Conference (ASC).


If you have any question about the teaching of Religious Education at William Bellamy Primary School please speak to a member of the Senior Leadership Team or our R.E. Team.

Religious education has an extremely important role in our schools and beyond. We live in an exciting time where change and diversity surrounds us. Good quality religious education supports our young people in understanding their own, and others, beliefs, understandings and values. This depth of understanding is important for personal development and crucial for the development of cohesive, caring communities.


I am delighted that the revision of our Agreed Syllabus has brought so many people together to educate our children and young people. It will equip our children with the knowledge and understanding to help them develop as fulfilled individuals in our diverse community, unite through shared values and strong understanding of each other's faiths.


Helen Jenner

Director of Children’s Services


(Taken from the Agreed Syllabus forward)