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Thinking of learning piano?
Here are a few pointers and tips to get you started..
The picture above shows your basic piano keys. The key hold a high note the further you go up your piano. This is starting from right to left. Right starts with your low keys and get higher further up.
There are a difference between the white keys and black keys. The white keys are your key chords, the black keys are for major and minor keys. These help change the sound of the piano, it also puts effect onto your music.
In the picture above shows 4 basic piano chords. Try it yourself, just put your fingers on your keys where the picture is showing you. Once you have learnt these basic chords fluently, you'll be able to pick up other chords.
The picture on the left is a 'Grand Piano'. The picture on the right is a 'Keyboard'. There are differences between both instruments, but both are played the same. 
The Grand piano has one tone, and needs to be tuned regularly, you also have 2 peddles while you are playing. This keeps your piano in tune with what your playing.
The Keyboard has many effects and button changes. Not only can you play as a normal piano, you can also play as a precaution, strings, wind and voice. This gives you a wider range of sounds to play around with. There is also no need to tune this instrument.  
When playing piano it is important to be able to separate your hands. Its quite difficult when your first learning but once muscle memory starts to take your hands you'll find it easier.
A good way to practice is to move from left to right starting with your little finger to your pointer finger.