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Outdoor Learning

year 1 Exploring Around The Pond

Our Outdoor Classroom by the Pond

Look at our children enjoying the activities in our new 'Creative Zone'

Our Wonderful Pond.

Making McCain's Chocolate Orange Potato Cake.

McCain's Seed To Plate Project. 

Watch our potatos grow.

Farm to Fork Tesco Project visit


On Friday 28th March William Bellamy Primary school's Key Stage one Gardening Club visited Tesco's Roneo Corner. We were met by the Project Leader - Lesley Dunn.


All the children changed into a cook's uniform and made their own hats with their names on.  A tour was given of all the whole shop floor, offices and storage areas.


They were each given clips boards with tasks to perform such as, naming the different types of fish, smelt different cheeses and had to name fruit and vegetables that were grown in the UK.


The pupils made their own cookies in the bakery.  After lunch they were all given a certificate for attending the project and a goodie bag to take back for our school's gardening club.

Reception trip to Asda

Wake and Shake!!!


Come and join us in the playground each morning for a great start to  the school day! This will be out in the playgrounds from 8.30am  to lead some fab routines to everything from Gangnam Style to One Direction!


This is how we wake our brains up and get them ready to learn each day!

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Gangnam Style!

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