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Ofsted Reports

William Bellamy Primary School had its first short inspection carried out in December 2018, since the school was judged to be good in April 2014. The school was still judged to be 'Good' in all areas.


William Bellamy Primary School's full Ofsted inspection was on 29th and 30th April 2014.


The school was judged to be 'Good'.  


The main outcomes were as follows: 


Overall Effectiveness - Previous Inspection (2012) Requires Improvement  
Overall Effectiveness - This inspection (2014) Good 
Achievement of pupils Good
Quality of teaching Good
Behaviour and safety of pupils Good
Leadership and management Good 


This is a good school. 


  • Since the last inspection, leaders have been very successful in improving the quality of teaching. This is resulting in pupils now making good, and often faster, progress in English and mathematics. 
  • Despite a large turnover of staff and the size of the school, leaders have communicated a vision which everyone understands and is working towards. As a result, practice is much improved and consistent.
  • The school involves parents and carers very well and they are very supportive and involved in what the school is doing.
  • Leaders show a high level of care to all pupils, many of whom have circumstances that might make them vulnerable. Behaviour is good within a very harmonious school community.
  • Procedures for keeping pupils safe and secure are outstanding.  
  • Teachers value the support they are given to become even better teachers. They are highly motivated and eager to improve their teaching.
  • Governors know the school well. This enables them to identify what the school still needs to do to improve and contributes well to plans for the future. They are effective in holding the school to account and supporting leaders.


It is not yet an outstanding school because


  • Some of the most able pupils do not always make as much progress as they could because, at times, their work is too easy.
  • Not enough teaching is outstanding. Leaders, particularly those in middle leadership roles, have tended to concentrate on ensuring that teaching is consistently good rather than outstanding.
  • While pupils develop and apply their language and number skills in English and mathematics, insufficient opportunities are offered in other subjects. This stops pupils deepening and extending their learning as much as they could.
  • Marking in mathematics in some classes does always identify precisely enough how pupils can improve their work.


A link to the full copy of the report is below.  

Short Inspection Report December 2018

Full Ofsted Report 2014

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