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Welcome to the Nursery Page. This page will be updated fortnightly with information and pictures of our learning.



We very much hope that your child has a happy time here. The following are some of the ways in which you can help us:

 - Always tell a member of staff if your child is worried about anything that happened either at school or at home.

  - Make sure that we always have an up to date telephone number so that we are able to contact you if your child is ill or has an accident.

-  If your child is absent please ring the school office on each day of the absence. 

  -  Please do not let your child bring toys to school as they may become upset if the toys are mislaid or broken.

  -  Encourage your child to be independent so that they can put their own coat on and off, and go to the toilet unaided washing their hands afterwards.

- Please bring your child to nursery every day and on time!

- Please label all of your children's clothing. 

Always tell us who will be picking up your child if it someone other than you.


Summer 2


This term we will be learning about farm animals and sea creatures.  We will be looking at two keys texts: The Three Little Pigs and The Rainbow Fish.  We will be visiting Barley-lands Farm where we will be feeding animals and experiencing a tractor ride.  We will be learning the names of all of the farm animals and their babies

We will be learning about where they live and what they like to eat.   We will also be learning about all the different sea creatures and their habitats.   In maths we will be exploring weight and capacity. We will be measuring the weight of different animals and using water to explore capacity.    For more information please see the newsletter attached. 



Father's Day Together Tuesday

This Tuesday our dads were invited into Nursery to learn with us. We made biscuits, played football, built houses and made pictures. Here are some pictures of our special day.

Summer 2 Newsletter

Summer 1 

This term we will be learning about growing and Reptiles. We will be focusing on two key texts: Jack and the beanstalk and The Greedy Python.







We will be growing our own beans and vegetables. We will be observing the changes to our plants. We will also be exploring measure by measuring the height of beanstalks, our friends and ourselves.  This term we will be focusing on using our phonics in our reading and our writing.   We will also be learning about the different reptiles and will be having a reptile visit. 

For more information on the specific areas of learning please see the newsletter below.


Summer 1 Newsletter

Jack and the Beanstalk

We have enjoyed reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Last week we got to . He was a very friendly giant and told us why he stole Jack's cow. Here are some pictures from the day that we met The Giant in his big castle.

Snakes Alive

Over the last two weeks we have been reading the book The Greedy Python. We have been learning about snakes and reptiles. A special company called Snakes Alive came to visit us and we learnt about the different reptiles and mini-beasts. We even got to touch the snakes and reptiles. Here are some pictures of our special day.

Morrisons Trip


This week we have been writing shopping lists. We have invited The Greedy Python for a tea-party. We went to Morrisons to get the ingredients for our tea party. We read our lists, looked for our ingredients and learnt how to use the checkout. 

Spring 2 

This term we will be learning all about growing and life cycles. We will be focusing on two core texts: The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Ed's Egg. We will also have our own caterpillars that we will observe turning into butterflies. We also have our own chick eggs that we will be looking after. Hopefully we will get to see lots of chicks hatch.

We will also be learning about special celebrations such as Pancake Day and Easter.  






For more information please see the nursery letter below.

Spring 2 Newsletter

Mother's Day Together Tuesday


This week we had a special Together Tuesday for our mummies. We made our mums flowers and biscuits. We got to show them our chicks. We also sang a special song to our mummies at the end of the session.  Here are some photos of our special day.

Nursery Chicks


This term we were given some chick eggs from Wellgate Farm. We have been looking after the eggs by spraying them with water each day. We sprayed them every day so that the egg shells are soft enough for the baby chicks to hatch.  

Over the weekend the 9 chicks hatched out of their eggs. We have enjoyed feeding them, holding them and building homes for them.  Our mummies and daddies even got to visit them during Together Tuesday.

Nursery Caterpillars


In February  we were given some caterpillars. We have been observing them daily. We have watched them turn into cocoons. This week butterflies hatched out of the cocoons and we have set them free.  Some of us were sad that we had to say goodbye to the caterpillars but we hope that they come and visit us at nursery again soon. 



This week we had a special week called STEM week. We enjoyed making slime and carrying out experiments.  We explored making different shaped and sized bubbles. We also enjoyed exploring our new wooden blocks and made some amazing buildings using the blocks. Here are some pictures of our fantastic learning this week. 

Pancake Day

We have enjoyed making our own pancakes. We even got to practice flipping our own pancakes. We learnt about the traditional toppings for different countries. We got to taste the different toppings. 

Spring 1

This term we will be learning all about bears. We will be looking at all the different types of bears and learning about what they eat and where they live.







   We will be looking at similarities and differences between the bears. We will be looking at two key texts: We're Going on a Bear Hunt and Goldilocks and The Three Bears. 


We will also be learning about Chinese New Year. We will be discussing Chinese traditions and learning the story of Chinese New Year.




We will also be introducing 'Take One Picture'. Children will be given the opportunity to explore famous paintings. They will be using the pictures to discuss ideas and develop some art work of their own.


Please see newsletter below for more information.



Spring 1 Newsletter

Christmas Performance/Party.

The children put on a fantastic show for the Christmas Performance. They also enjoyed their Christmas Party. Please see photos and videos below. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Nursery Christmas performances will take place on Tuesday 18th December. Please remember to bring your child's coloured top into Nursery by Friday 7th December. We need to decorate them next week to ensure that they are all ready for the Christmas performance.

Bluebells- Plain white top

Daisy- Plain green top

Fuchsia- Plain red top

Poppy- Plain yellow top. 


Children's last day at nursery before the Christmas Break will be Wednesday 19th December.   Nursery is closed from Thursday 20th December- Wednesday 2nd January. Children will return to nursery on Thursday 3rd January. 

People Who Help Us 

This term we will be learning about People Who Help Us. We will be learning about Doctors, Dentists, Fire Fighters, Police and our Families. We will be looking at non-fiction texts and The Gingerbread- Man

People Who Help Us

Over the past month we have been learning about different occupations. We have had some special visits from some special visitors.

Fire Fighters 

We have been learning about Fire Fighters. We have had a visit from the local fire station. All the children enjoyed learning about the special equipment that fire fighters use and got to sit on the fire engine. 



We have been learning about dentists. We have sorting healthy and unhealthy food. We have been making healthy posters to help our friends and family to keep their teeth healthy.  We also had a special visit from a dental nurse and Charlie the Dog. We learnt how to brush our teeth properly. 


We have been learning about doctors and how they help us. We have enjoyed our outdoor role play hospital and have been writing prescriptions for each other. 


We had a special visit from Police Officer John. He told us all about his job and we even got to try on some of his special uniform. 

Owl Babies

Over the last two weeks we have been looking at the story Owl Babies. We have been helping Percy, Sarah and Bill look for their mummy owl. We have made missing owl posters and helped the baby owls to hunt for food.  Here are some pictures of our learning. 



We have been learning about fireworks and Diwali. We have all had the opportunity to explore our special paint room. We have been exploring making marks with different tools such as paintbrushes and spray bottles. We have had lots of fun in the paint room. 


We have also been learning about Diwali. We have enjoyed using the clay to make and decorate our own diva lamps.   


Here are some pictures of our learning. 


This term your child's Eylog learning journey will begin. You should have all received a log in, if you have not please speak to a member of the team so that we can sort this for you. Your child will have a focus week, During your child's focus week you will receive pictures and videos of your child at nursery.  We encourage you to comment on these posts and to upload your own pictures and videos of your children learning at home. 


Together Tuesday


Together Tuesday will take place every other Tuesday (Fortnightly). You will be invited to join your child for a stay and play session on their focus week.  You will also have a short time to speak to your child's teachers about their learning and interests. You may attend other stay and play sessions but please be aware that staff will only be able to discuss your child on their focus week.  We hope to see you there! 


Autumn Festival

It was lovely to see so many parents come to our Autumn Festival. The children enjoyed performing all the songs and exploring and discovering in the nursery with their families. Please see below pictures and videos from the event. 


We really appreciate the parent feedback too.  Here a small selection of some of your lovely comments!


"So proud of all the children singing. Lexi enjoyed herself.  She sings all the songs that she has learnt here at home. So proud of her well done. " (Lexi's mum)


"I am happy to see Gabriel sing and make all this in such a short time. Thank you for all your support" (Christina- Gabriel mum)


"It has been very nice to see how much my daughter has learnt at the nursery. There is a number of activities that she enjoys and I am sure she is going to grow and blossom with the continued guidance from the teachers. " (Tehillah's mum)


"The show was excellent! They were very well prepared and the idea for the Autumn Festival was excellent. Thank you so much for inviting us. Highly appreciated and I hope you keep on bringing excellent stuff like this in the future!  (Anum Kashif- Minnah and Khadija mum)


"The Autumn Festival was awesome! I really enjoyed the kids performance. They have done a really good job, I cant believe they have only been here for just one month. Zaasheer is really enjoying the nursery, she loves to talk about her nursery, her teachers and her friends. Hopefully she will learn even more things from nursery. Thank you so very much for all your efforts that you do for our children. " (Zasheer's mum)


"I felt today was really good. The children seemed to enjoy themselves . It was nice to see him with his friends." (Charlie's mum)


"It was very nice. The Autumn Festival was more than what I had expected for my child. Thank you so much." 

(Riana's mum)



Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Over the last two weeks we have been looking at the book The Little Red Hen.

We have enjoyed learning about how bread is made and we have been making our own bread. We have also made our own hen pictures.


The children have also been learning about Autumn and we have been on an Autumn Walk. We have explored mixing Autumn colours and learning about conkers, twigs, leaves and pine cones.  The children have been working hard to learn our Autumn Festival songs and they cannot wait to share them with you on Friday. 

Autumn 1

This term we will be focusing on separating from our parents, settling into nursery and making new friends. We will be learning how to discover in all the different areas in the nursery.  

 Every week we will be learning a new song. This week we are learning the song 'Dingle, Dangle Scarecrow.'

Here is a link to practise with your child at home.



In reading we will be focusing on listening to and enjoying stories. We will also be focusing on joining in with repetitive parts of the text. We will learn how to listen to a story, discuss what is happening in the story and answer simple questions about the story.  This term we will be looking at the texts 'I went Walking' 'Polar Bear, Polar Bear what do you see?' and 'The Little Red Hen'.


In writing we will be focusing on giving meanings to our marks. We will be exploring using different writing tools and talking about our pictures.





In Maths we will be focusing on counting objects and sorting objects by colours, size and shapes. We will also be exploring 2D shapes and exploring shapes in our environment.


Understanding the World


We will be looking at the changes in the weather during Autumn and how these changes affect the natural world around us. There will be binoculars and magnifying glasses available to help us explore these changes. We will also be learning about Harvest. We will be having a Harvest Celebration on Friday 19th October. We will also be exploring using Bee-bots and cameras.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be focussing on separating from our parents and making new friends. We will be learning how to share and take turns with our peers.


Physical Development

we will be learning how to hold a pencil correctly and how to use scissors safely. We will also be learning how to climb safely on the large climbing frame.


Expressive Arts and Design

We will be developing our imaginations in our role play areas. This term will have a home corner set up inside and a hospital outside. We will be able to explore and act out experiences that are familiar to us. We will be singing every day, and exploring a range of musical instruments.

For more information on the key areas of learning please see the Autumn 1 newsletter below.

Nursery Autumn 1 Newsletter

Look what we have been up to this week .......