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William Bellamy Primary School We learn... We grow... Together


Welcome to Nursery!


We can't wait to meet our new children and families! We are sorry we are not yet able to host a visit to nursery but please see below our virtual tour and the fabulous learning opportunities on offer!


Please note: Due to CV-19 we may not be able to offer all of these experiences straight away in the Autumn Term, but the staff will ensure they have fun and engaging activities available.  

A Virtual Tour - Nursery

Admissions to Nursery


Applying for a Nursery place:


Step 1

Complete the form attached below and return via email to   OR   

Phone the main office (020 8270 6506 / 6596)

and give the following details:

  • Child's full name and date of birth
  • Parent's name, address and phone number 
  • State preference for morning, afternoon or full time nursery.


Step 2

Bring the following [original] documentation to the main office at an agreed time.

  • Child's full birth certificate 
  • Proof of address (e.g. utility bill or council tax letter)
  • Parent's photo ID (e.g. passport or driving licence
  • 30 hour code (for full time nursery children)


Step 3

Pick up an admissions pack from the main office at the agreed time, complete and return within two weeks.

See below application request for Nursery

If you would like to email Miss Hodgkin (Nursery Group Leader) please use the form below:

Meet the team:

Miss Hodgkin- Year Group Leader. Golapi Class Teacher. Key worker group- Dragonflies

Ms Gammon- Key Worker Group- Bumblebees

Miss Holroyd - Key Worker Group- Ladybirds.

Miss Hardy - Rausva AM teacher - Key Worker group- Caterpillars


The Nursery Team 2019-2020 :)

Welcome to the Nursery Page. This page will be updated fortnightly with information and pictures of our learning.



We very much hope that your child has a happy time here. The following are some of the ways in which you can help us:

 - Always tell a member of staff if your child is worried about anything that happened either at school or at home.

  - Make sure that we always have an up to date telephone number so that we are able to contact you if your child is ill or has an accident.

-  If your child is absent please ring the school office on each day of the absence. 

  -  Please do not let your child bring toys to school as they may become upset if the toys are mislaid or broken.

  -  Encourage your child to be independent so that they can put their own coat on and off, and go to the toilet unaided washing their hands afterwards.

- Please bring your child to nursery every day and on time!

- Please label all of your children's clothing. 

Always tell us who will be picking up your child if it someone other than you.


Spring 2 Newsletter

Spring 2 Term


This term we will be learning about the topic of 'Growing'.



We will be reading two core texts 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and 'Ed's Egg'. We will be focusing on sequencing the stories and writing lists of the foods that the Hungry Caterpillar ate. We will also be drawing pictures of chicks and labeling the different parts of their bodies. 




Maths: This term we will be focusing on number recognising numbers to 10 and to 20.  We will be focusing on matching numerals to amounts. We will be pratising our counting. We will also be learning about Squares, cubes, rectangles and cuboids. We will be practising making patterns with these shapes. 


PD: This term we will be focusing on healthy eating. We will be sorting healthy and unhealthy foods. We will be continuing to practise our Write Dance. We will be focusing on holding our pencils correctly and using the scissors. 


PSED:  We will be practising taking turns and tolerating delay. We will be learning that sometimes we do not always get a turn and can wait for  a turn tomorrow. 


CL:  We will be exploring our Take One Pictures and talking about what we can see. We will also be focusing on how and why questions. 



We will be looking after our own caterpillars and watching them hatch into butterflies. We will be looking after our own chick eggs and watching them hatch.  We will also be planting out own herbs and vegetables and watching them grow.  We will also be learning about important festivals such as Easter and Mother's Day. 



We will be focusing on manipulating different materials such as clay.  We will be manipulating the clay it into different shapes and objects.  Then using tools to make marks and patterns. We will be using lots of role play to retell stories. We will be using a range of media to create our own props for our stories. 



Pancake Day

On Tuesday 25th February, we enjoyed making our own pancakes. We followed the recipe and took it turns to mix ingredients.  We then had a go at flipping the pancakes. We enjoyed trying the different toppings from around the world.

Spring One

This term we will be learning about bears. We will be learning about Grizzly Bears, Panda Bears, Polar Bears, Sun Bears and Black Bears. We will be learning about their habitats and what they like to eat. We will also be focusing on two core texts; We're Going On A Bear Hunt and Goldilocks and Three Bears.






We're Going on a Bear Hunt

We enjoyed acting out the story. We enjoyed walking through the different parts of the story. We then changed the story and explored walking through different messy play such as cornflakes, beans and ice-cream. Here are some pictures of our learning. 


Goldilocks and The Three Bears. 

We enjoyed reading the story and acting it out with our friends. We talked about how Goldilocks made sad choices and how she could make better green choices. We helped PC John to tell Goldilocks how to behave. We went on a Goldilocks walk and discovered all the blue, yellow and red choices that she had made. We made our own posters to tell Goldilocks the right things to do.  Here are some pictures of our learning.

Chinese New Year

We enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year. We read the story 'The Great Race'. We made our own animals, lanterns and dragons. We performed our own dragon dance and enjoyed our Chinese New Year cafe. We used knives, peelers and scissors safely to prepare and cut vegetables to make our own Chinese New Year noodles. Here are some pictures of our fantastic learning. 

Clean Air Day 

On Friday 14th February we learnt about Clean Air Day. We learnt about pollution and how we can help save our environment. We made our own posters and went on a march around the school to tell everyone how to 'Save our planet'.

Autumn 2

This term we will be learning about the topic People Who Help Us. We will be learning about different occupations such as the Police, Fire Fighters, Dentists and Doctors. We will be focusing on the key text Owl Babies, The Gingerbread-Man and non-fiction texts about People Who Help Us. 












Autumn 2 Newsletter

Owl Babies

The children have been learning about the story 'Owl Babies'. The children have been making missing owl posters to help Bill, Sarah and Percy to find Mummy Owl.  The children also had a special owl visit. they watched the owls fly and got to have their picture taken with them. 


This week we have been learning about The Police. We had a special visit from PC John. We learnt about his special job and tried on his special uniform.

Fire Fighters

This week we have been learning about Fire Fighters. We had a special visit form the fire brigade. We had lots of fun spraying water in the garden and sitting on the fire engine.

The Gingerbread- Man

We enjoyed learning about The Gingerbread-Man. We made shopping lists to help Miss Hodgkin to buy the ingredients.  We made our gingerbread-men and decorated them. 

Christmas Performance

Nursery children sang amazingly for their parents and teachers at their Christmas show.  Th children enjoyed decorating their own t-shirts to become reindeers, Christmas trees, Santa  and Snowmen.

Autumn 1 Newsletter

Autumn 1

This term we will be learning all about oursleves. We will be focusing on separating from our parents, settling into nursery and making new friends. We will be learning how to discover in all the different areas in the nursery.  We will be looking at the key texts; I Went Walking and The Little Red Hen. We will also be celebrating the Harvest Festival. 



In reading we will be focusing on listening to and enjoying stories. We will also be focusing on joining in with repetitive parts of the text. We will learn how to listen to a story, discuss what is happening in the story and answer simple questions about the story.  This term we will be looking at the texts 'I went Walking' 'Polar Bear, Polar Bear what do you see?' and 'The Little Red Hen'.


In writing we will be focusing on giving meanings to our marks. We will be exploring using different writing tools and talking about our pictures.




In Maths we will be focusing on counting objects and sorting objects by colours, size and shapes. We will also be exploring 2D shapes and exploring shapes in our environment.


Understanding the World


We will be looking at the changes in the weather during Autumn and how these changes affect the natural world around us. There will be binoculars and magnifying glasses available to help us explore these changes. We will also be learning about Harvest. We will be having a Harvest Celebration on Friday 19th October. We will also be exploring using Bee-bots and cameras.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be focussing on separating from our parents and making new friends. We will be learning how to share and take turns with our peers.


Physical Development

we will be learning how to hold a pencil correctly and how to use scissors safely. We will also be learning how to climb safely on the large climbing frame.


Expressive Arts and Design

We will be developing our imaginations in our role play areas. This term will have a home corner set up inside and a hospital outside. We will be able to explore and act out experiences that are familiar to us. We will be singing every day, and exploring a range of musical instruments.

For more information on the key areas of learning please see the Autumn 1 newsletter below.

Over the last two weeks we have been looking at the book The Little Red Hen.

We have enjoyed learning about how bread is made and we have been making our own bread. We have also made our own hen pictures.


The children have also been learning about Autumn and we have been on an Autumn Walk. We have explored mixing Autumn colours and learning about conkers, twigs, leaves and pine cones.  The children have been working hard to learn our Autumn Festival songs and they cannot wait to share them with you on Friday. 

The children enjoyed learning about Harvest. The children performed Harvest songs at the Autumn Festival.