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Welcome to Nursery!  

This page will be updated fortnightly with information and pictures of what the children have been learning about. 


Meet the team....

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Summer 2

This term our topic will be Adventures. We will be learning about Space, Fantasy and Pirates. We will also be going on our own adventure to Hainault Forest. We will be looking at three core texts. These texts are: Whatever Next, Lullabyhullaballo and Plunge into the Pirate Pool.  In our final term in Nursery, we will be focussing on preparing your children for Reception. Children will have the opportunity to meet their new class teachers. For more detailed information about this term, please see newsletter below. 

Hainault Forest

All the children enjoyed a visit to Hainault Forest. They enjoyed the bus journey. They got to see lots of farm animals and enjoyed eating their picnics and ice-cream in the park. Here are some photos from our special day.

Important Dates this term 

Thursday 7th June- Talk boost session with parents

Friday 15th June- Fudge Day- Family Friday

Friday 22nd June- Morning children whole day visit to Hainault Forest. Nursery will be closed for the afternoon children. 

Monday 25th June- Afternoon children whole day visit to Hainault Forest. Nursery will be closed for the morning children. 

Full time children will be told which date they are attending and they will be taught in Reception on the other day. 

Friday 29th June- Supermoon Adventure Day.

Friday 6th July- Inflatables Evening

Wednesday 11th July- Parent Open Evening- Meet the teacher

Monday 16th July- Nursery last day of term. 

Summer 1

This term we will be learning about Animals. We will be looking at three core texts: The Three Little Pigs, Monkey Puzzle and The Hungry Python. We will be learning about different types of animals. we will be learning about farm animals, jungle animals, reptiles and mini-beasts. We will also be having a reptile visit and an owl visit. We will also be going on a local school trip to the park. Please see the newsletter below for more information on what your children will be learning this term. 

Important dates this term


Wednesday 25th April– Nursery closed due to New Nursery intake meet-ings.
Tuesday 1st May– Reptile visit for Nursery children
Thursday 3rd May– Owl Visit for Nursery children
Thursday 24th May– Local visit to Central Park.

Nursery Summer 1 Newsletter

Central Park

Last week we went to on a local trip to Central Park. We had lots of fun participating in parachute games, relay races and circle games. Here are some pictures from our special day. 

Reptile Visit

Last week we had a special visit from Snakes Alive. We learnt about different types of reptiles. We even got to touch some of them. Here are some photos of our special day. 

Owl Visit

Last week we learnt about different types of owls. we learn about Eagle Owls, Barn Owls and Tawny Owls.  We got to watch an owl show and have our photos taken with the owls. Here our some photos of our experience. 

Spring 2 

This term we will be learning all about growing.  We will be looking at three core texts: Jack and the Beanstalk, The Hungry Caterpillar and Ed's Egg. We will be learning about the life cycles of caterpillars and chicks. We will watch eggs turn into chicks, and caterpillars turn into butterflies. We will also be growing our own beans and vegetables. Please see newsletter for more information. 

Newsletter Spring 2

Chicks and Butterflies.

In Nursery we have had some chicken eggs and some butterfly eggs. Over the term the children have been learning about the life-cycles of chicks and butterflies. We will have been observing the changes to the eggs.


Spring Day


On Friday 23rd March we held a special Spring Day. The children came to school dressed as a Spring animals. Families came to celebrate the special day too. The children got the opportunity to hold the chicks and participate in lots of Spring activities such as egg and spoon races, painting, and chick counting.  We also combined our special day with Sport relief by having a disco. We managed to raise 45 pound for sport relief. 


Exciting News

This afternoon our first chick hatched! We got to feed the chick and we helped Miss Pocock move the chick into the brooding house. 


Later this week two more chicks hatched we now have three chicks!

Mother's Day Family Friday

This week we have been talking about how our mums help us and why we love our mums.  We told our teachers why our mums are so special and recorded messages on Eylog for our mums to see. We also made them a photo-frame and a special scroll. We had a special Family Friday for our mums, aunts and grandma's. We enjoyed biscuit decorating, making heart collages and drawing portraits of our mums. Here our some of the pictures from our special day. 

World Book Day

Here are some pictures of the nursery children dressed as their favourite book characters for World Book Day.

This week we have been reading the story of Jack and The Beanstalk. We have enjoyed reading and acting out the story. We have been measuring the heights of beanstalks and charcters from the story. We have also been growing our own beans.  We have made our own beanstalks and enjoyed searching for the Giants gold in the spaghetti. We have enjoyed counting beans and matching them to the correct numbered pots. We have learnt two new phonic sounds 'n' and 'm'.  Here are some pictures of our learning. 

Chinese New Year


This week we have been learning all about the Chinese New Year. We learnt about the story of Chinese New Year and about the traditions of the festival. We made our own dragons and lanterns. We also tried prawn crackers and made our vegetable noodles. 

Important dates


Thursday 1st March- World Book Day. Children to come to school dressed as their favourite book character. No donation is required. 


Family Friday will run every Friday this term. 

10:20-11:15am - Morning children

12:30-1:20pm - Afternoon Children. (Full time children parents may attend either).


Wednesday 28th March- Parent consultation day. Therefore Nursery will be closed for children all day. 


Thursday 29th March- Nursery Closed.

Spring 1 


This term we will be learning all about bears. We will be reading lots of bear stories and talking about the similarities and differences between different bears. We will be going on bear hunts in and around school.  We will be learning about Polar bears, Panda bears, Teddy bears, Black bears and Brown bears.






In Maths we will be focusing on 2D shapes. We will be learning the names of the shapes and making pictures with them. We will also be learning how to count out a given amount. we will be using counters and Numicon to help us. 




Please see Spring 1 newsletter below for more information about what your children will be learning this term.

Spring 1 Newsletter

Bear Day 


We had our own bear day at Nursery.  We brought our teddy bears into school and had a picnic. We made sandwiches to eat with our bears. We listened to bear stories and we did bear writing using mud and sticks.  We also made big bear paintings and made name tags for our bears. Here are some pictures of our special day. 



This term the children will be beginning Phase 2 phonics. The sound of the week will be displayed in the window of your child's group.  Please practice the sounds at home with your children. The children will be learning Jolly Phonics songs. Here is a link to the songs on Youtube.

NSPCC Number Day


This Friday is NSPCC Number Day. We are asking every child to come into school dressed in something with numbers on. We are also asking for a one pound donation to the charity.  In Nursery all of our activities will be linked to number.  Due to the NSPCC Number Day there will be no Family Friday this week.

Goldilocks and The Three Bears 

This week we have been learning about the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We have learnt about the language of size and compared the small, medium and large/big objects. We have been acting out the story in groups and discussing Goldilocks behaviour. We went on a short local walk to discover what Goldilocks had been up to in the local community. Here are some pictures of our walk.




We're Going On A Bear Hunt

This week the children have been reading the book We're going on a bear hunt. The children had the opportunity to retell the story by walking through the different parts of the story. We also changed the story and acted out the story. We put our wellies on to walk through jelly, beans, ice-cream, chocolate and other messy play.

We have also been learning about Polar bears , Grizzly bears, Black bears and Panda Bears. We have been feeding the bears different amounts of fish.

Here are some pictures of our children's learning this week.

The Gingerbread-man

This week we have been reading the story The Gingerbread-man. We have been acting out and retelling the story. We have also been decorating The Gingerbread-man with different shapes. We made our own gingerbread-men. Here are some pictures of our learning this week.

Science/UW week.

During science week the children participated in many different experiments.


We tested what would happen to gingerbread-men if they were left in different liquids. We also looked at floating and sinking. We enjoyed exploring what happens when you add water to skittles.  We also learnt how to use the bee-bot.


Here are some pictures from Science/UW week. 

Nursery Newsletter Autumn 2

We had lots of fun at our Christmas Party.
We had lots of fun making our own T-shirts for our Christmas Performance. We dressed up as Santas, Snowmen, Stars and Christmas Trees. We did a fantastic performance for our families. Here are some pictures of us making our t-shirts and from our Christmas production.



Over the next few weeks the children will be practising for their Christmas performance on Monday 18th December (10:30 for AM children and 2:30 for PM children). Please help your child by practising songs at home with them. Please find attached a song list below. 

Please remember to bring in the correct colour t-shirt for your child by Friday 8th December.

  • Plain red t-shirt- Poppy group
  • Plain white t-shirt- Bluebell group
  • Plain green t-shirt- Daisy group
  • Plain yellow t-shirt- Ivy group 


Christmas song words

People who help us


Over the last few weeks we have been learning about people who help us. We have learnt about Firefighters and Paramedics, Vets and Doctors. We have been counting with emergency vehicles and making our own vehicles out of junk modelling.

Police Visit/Dentist Visit

Last week we had visits from the local police and dentists. The children learnt about what police officers do and how they help us. They also learnt how to look after their teeth. The children got to dress up as police officers and dentists.

This week we have been learning about pattern. We have been using objects in our environment to make patterns. We enjoyed making repeating pattern fruit kebabs. Can you make any patterns at home with your children and upload them to Eylog? 


Here are some photos from Children in Need Friday

 Autumn 2

This term we will be looking at People who help us. We will be looking at the book Owl babies and discussing how our families help us and looking at our family photos. Please remember to hand your family photos to your class teacher ASAP. 

We also be looking at non- fiction books which will tell us about other occupations such as police,fireman and doctors. We will also be having a visit from the fire brigade. 


Please see Newsletter attachment above for more information on what the children will be learning about this term.




All children are now set up on Eylog. You should have received an activation email. The children each have a focus week whereby we will upload photos and observations of them. Your teachers will let you know when it is your child's week.  Please add observations of your children as it is really nice to see what the children are doing at home too. 


 Important dates for this term:


Friday 17th November- Children in Need- Children to come dressed in spotty clothes and £1 donation.

Thursday 23rd November- Nursery closed all day- Parents Evening.

Friday 24th November- Family Friday starts- every Friday parents are invited into the nursery to stay and participate in activities with the children.

Monday 4th December- School Closed

Friday 15th December- Christmas jumper day

Monday 18th December- Nursery Christmas Performances 10:30 am and 2:30pm

Tuesday 19th December- Nursery Christmas Party- Please bring in food for your child's party. (see letter sent home)

Wednesday 20th December- Nursery closed 

We have been learning about the book Owl babies. We have been busy counting worms and feeding the owls. We have also made our own pictures of owls and have enjoyed retelling the story. We also made firework pictures and talked about the fireworks that we had seen on the week. We have been exploring patterns in our environment. We now know we can find patterns everywhere even on animals and our clothes. Here are some pictures of what we have been up to this week. We have also been exploring numicon. We have been using numicon to help us count.

Autumn 1

Harvest Celebration

 On Friday 20th October we invited parents into the nursery for our harvest celebration. The children performed a range of harvest songs and parents stayed for the rest of the session to participate in autumn activities.  Here are some pictures and videos from the fantastic day. 

This week we have been learning about Autumn.  We went on an Autumn walk in our garden to see what we could find..........

Our topic for this half term is All about me. 


This half term we will be focusing on....


PSED: We will be focusing on settling into nursery and making new relationships with adults and other children. 


PD: We will learning how to play safely on our big climbing frame and how to hold pencils and paint brushes. We will also be learning to go to the toilet independently.


EAD:  We will be exploring our role play areas (house and doctor surgery) 


UW: We will be learning about Autumn and the harvest festival.


CL: We will be focusing on naming objects and answering what and who questions.



We will be looking at stories and focusing on the repeated refrains in the story. We will also be focusing on learning new rhymes. 


This week we have been looking at the book 'The Little Red Hen.'



We have also been learning some new nursery rhymes.

This week we have also learnt Incy Wincy Spider using Makaton. Here is a link to help your children practise at home.


CBeebies: Something Special - Incy Wincy Spider - Nursery Rhyme

Settling in

Here are some pictures of our first few weeks at Nursery. We are learning how to use the different areas. We have particularly enjoyed the woodwork. We have learnt how to use the hammers and screwdrivers safely.