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The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Committee visit William Bellamy Primary

William Bellamy were so fortunate to be visited by the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Committee. The team of 6 included  Professor Hisashi Sanada, Ms Izumi Egabi, Mr Tabo Obayashi, Mr Masaru Ariga, Mr Shoji Oshima and Mr Naoki Shimada. The Japanses visitors learned about the lead up to London 2012, how this inspired the nation, especially within the education system and the positive impact our legacy projects are having.

The visitors were met by our Passport to Rio morning club and our year 3, 4 , 5 and 6 Athletics teams. They played Goalball against members of the committee as well completing relays around our track. They finished off with a vortex throwing competition. Everyone was in great spirits!

Our pupils spoke about their amazing time when they were invited to the Olympic Park to launch the Get Set's Road to Rio APP. The children told the committee that they played table tennis against Lord Sebastian Coe and met two GB athletes. The children explained how we use Road to Rio within our school and how the whole school approach is increasing the physical activity amongst our pupils.

The visitors brought Japanese gifts and we provided them with Pride our GB Friendship Lion, a medal and an Olympic T-Shirt.