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Thank you William Bellamy from a proud grandparent!

Ms Preston

I have the great delight to be the grandfather of one of your pupils, Ruby Sprought. As you may or may not be aware that today 16th June was her fifth birthday. To help celebrate this we had a smallish birthday party on Sunday for her friends and schoolmates which was attended by about 22 people from William Bellamy and held at Robert Clack School.

Having seen the animal like and totally unacceptable  behaviour of the previous party on the day I have to tell you how proud I was of Ruby and her friends and family. Family behaviour was never to be in question as we have high standards in relation to manners and respect of others.

However the purpose of this letter is not to boast about my family but it is to congratulate and complement you and your staff at William Bellamy for the standards and principals that have obviously been engrained in such short time by the staff. The manners of the children were beyond reproach and it was obvious from the diversity of the cultures of those children that not all that they exhibited was from home learning but was mainly down to the education delivered within the school environment. You and your staff deserve to be congratulated and to feel proud.

Please feel free to use this document in any forum  that you feel would benefit the school.

Thank you from a very proud and grateful grand parent.

Yours faithfully

Ken Roast