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Obesity Summit

Email from Jo Caswell (Borough Adviser - Personal, Social, Health Education) - Well done Mrs Bentley, Mrs Rose and James!


'Dear Katie, Donna and James,

Many, many thanks for agreeing to present and doing it so wonderfully at today’s Obesity Summit. You demonstrated perfectly how important health and well-being is to your school community and the impact that you see it having. Those personal stories are really important –thank you! I’m sure it’s as a result of the benefits you spoke of that developing a early years healthy schools model was seen as an important action to explore in the future.

 Public Health England were at the event and came to see me at the end to say how impressed they were by your presentation in particular. I think we will be hearing from them again with reference to the work you are doing, which is great.

 Donna, I’ll be in touch soon regarding case studies, and Katie, regarding Gold.

 Jo, thank you so much for releasing your staff and making the school's focus on heath and well-being such a high priority.

 Many thanks again

 Best Wishes