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My School Playground Programme

My School Playground

Artist residencies in the schools of Barking and Dagenham.
17 November- 12 December 2014.

This November – December, the pupils of three Dagenham schools will have an opportunity to participate in My School Playground programme. Brought to the borough by arts development organisation OPENSPACE, this new project allows artists and schoolchildren to explore the school environment through a series of participatory workshops. Each workshop will be tailored through planning the subject matter, materials and hours most suited to the needs of the individual school. At the end of the residency, a piece (such as mural in the school’s playground) will be created. 


The project will help pupils develop initiative, creative thinking, teamwork, concentration and responsibility by leading them through the entire creative process. By producing a tangible art piece within the school, the programme will encourage a sense of ownership and belonging- ensuring a living legacy that will inspire future generations of students.


Participating schools:

William Bellamy Primary, Marks Gate Junior,  Marsh Green Primary


About the Artists:

Emma Scutt: William Bellamy Primary School (Years 3-4)

Emma is a Walthamstow-based muralist, illustrator and portrait artist with nine years experience of painting murals in schools.


“These workshops allow me the chance not only to discuss possible themes and have fun developing ideas together, but to help assess individual strengths and creative skill levels, so that I can assign the best role suited to each particular child, helping to increase their confidence and bring out the best possible creative outcome, both for their experience and for the final mural painting”.


Megan Broadmeadow: Marks Gate Junior School (Year 5)

Megan Broadmeadow studied fine art in Goldsmiths College and Slade School of Art, and her background is in sculpture and performance.  This year she has been nominated for MASTARs 2014 - a prestigious selection of artists to watch from MA degree shows across the UK.

Megan is also an experienced educator having recently completed an  eight month contract as workshop leader for Art & Heritage in Conwy (Celf Treftadol Conwy) Programme in Wales. The programme has resulted in permanent artworks for the schools, including mosaic, short films, large-scale photographic collages and sculptural wall pieces.


“I see all art as a form of play and an expansion of how children naturally create their own worlds as part of growing up and discovering their identities. I encourage fun and diversity in workshop sessions, using a wide range of materials and methods to generate a series of creative experiences for the pupils as part of a journey towards the creation of a final piece”.


Charlie Kirkham: Marsh Green Primary School (Year 6).

With interests ranging from performance art, portraiture and oil painting to mixed media, ink works and graffiti, Charlie exhibits widely across the UK. This year she was elected as The Drawing Society (SGFA) Council member- the youngest in history. Previously she has conducted art workshops for Tamworth Borough Council and the Merton Council Family Learning Festival.

“With imagination being paramount to my own approach to painting, working on project in the school and community environments gives me an understanding of how children respond to spaces, scales, colours, shapes and surfaces in a creative way. I am happy to guide them along their own path of imagination.”


Organised by OPENSPACE with support from Barking and Dagenham Council.

OPENSPACE is a non-profit arts development organisation that integrates artworks into the fabric of an urban landscape. We create a stimulating environment that makes a direct contribution to the personal, economic and community well-being  of local residents and the wider public.

As part of our mission, we collaborate with local communities to develop context-specific and relevant educational art programmes.


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