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Get Set Legacy - Visitors from Tokyo

We had visitors from Tokyo as part of the 'Get Set' and Olympic Legacy - visit the school yesterday.  Mrs Rose and Mr Smith delivered a presentation outlining all the sports and events our children have been involved in, they then met pupils and played GoalBall. See email below:


Hi Donna,

Kathryn and I just wanted to say a huge thank you for yours and Rob’s time today.

The content of your presentation was exactly what we required and the ability for the delegates and ourselves to get involved in, as well as see, all the sports that you have been engaging in was fantastic. The delegates have come away having thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as well as having gained invaluable knowledge about how engaged a school can be with the Olympics both in the run-up to the Games and also the legacy it can leave post the event – something that through all of your hard work was absolutely clear to see.

From a personal perspective, it was amazing to see the amount William Bellamy was engaging in with Get Set and the enthusiasm was evident from both the children and also yourself and Rob – we can’t thank you enough for this. The stories, such as Bobby’s, were particularly inspiring and we’d love to share these with others, including the BOA / BPA.

I’d also like to mention what an absolute credit your children are to your school. They were extremely polite, well-mannered and enthusiastic throughout and are a testament to the great work you are doing at William Bellamy.

I’ll have to brush up on my Goalball skills for next time! I hope that the leavers prom goes well tonight and West Ham win!

Thank you very much again for a wonderful visit. All the best for the future and we’ll be sure to be in touch for all things Get Set related.

Best Wishes,


Matthew Wookey
Business Development Executive