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Let's Do Lunch!

Geltona Class

"It was nice to have lunch with my son in his school.  The teachers were very nice and well organised.  I enjoyed it very much.  Thank you very much for your hard work, and effort that you put in to the preparation."



Jaune Class

"So glad I came.  Love getting involved.  My daughter was so happy and it was lovely to see her in her environment at school.  So insightful."


"I think it was a wonderful idea.  The children looked so proud showing their parents/nans/carers what they had to do.  Thank you for the experience."


"I really enjoyed this time with my daughter.  It was a great idea and I think it should be something that all schools should be doing."


"It was really amazing.  I enjoyed a lot with my son.  Thank you."


"I thought it was lovely to be able to sit and chat to my child while having lunch.  Would have loved to stay longer."



Holud Class

"I really enjoyed having lunch with my son, it was nice to see the whole process of lining up, collecting cutlery and then their lunch.  Attending showed me how grown up my son has become.  I would like to say thank you for the whole experience."


"I found this experience really great because ****** really enjoyed it.  She keeps asking when will we do lunch again.  Hopefully in the near future we can do it again."


"I had a lovely time and so did *******.  It was nice meeting other parents and seeing where ******* has lunch and the routine and how grown up he was.  ******* loved it."

Yellow Class

Amarelo Class


 "The lunch was amazing, so nice to see that your child knows what to do without mummy's help :-). 

They are so independent.  Great :-)  Thanks so much."



"Thank you so much for the wonderful lunch.  It was lovely having an insight into ******'s lunchtime. He really enjoyed showing off the lunch hall and where his lunch bag was, etc."



"It was good to see where ****** eats at lunch.  I can see that he enjoys lunch time and is confident with receiving his food from the dinner ladies."



"I was so surprised ***** can do everything all by himself.  He normally eats so slow at home, but was sitting nicely and eating properly.  That made me surprised too.  So I'm glad I went.  Thank you for giving me an opportunity to see it."



"They all seemed happy with their routine and understand it too.  It was lovely being able to see how and what goes on with ******** at lunch time."