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Inflatables Day 2018

From the children...


We love that we can all have fun with our friends and we really like the food - Klisard, Adam, Adem (Year 6)


I really like the bouncy castle and the slide - Bethany (Year 2)


There are a lot of people here and we are all having fun - Aralia (Year 5)


I loved the obstacle course - George (Year 4)


No one is pushing in the queue.  It is fun.  Normally outside of school, people push and someone gets hurt.  Here it is not like that and I feel free - Fernanda (Year 5)


Everyone is having fun - Jaydeen (Year 5)


Playing with my friends and enjoying being at school after a day of learning - Patrick (Year 6)

From the Parents...


A variety of different castles                         Children have time to play with their school friends.


It's lovely to see children happy.                       Kids are loving it and seeing their old teachers.


It is very well staffed.                             Very well supervised.                It feels safe.


It has, drinks, music and bouncy castles.  I wish I had this when I went to school.


Children have time to mix with children of different ages.               It tires the children out.


The community coming together and me coming out of my comfort zone to mix with others.       


A safe environment for the children to play and enjoy themselves.