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How to blog safely!

First, go to children on the left of the homepage, then click 'Blog' on the hang bar.

You can Log in using the 'Log in' bar on the Log in on the left.

Find your Class and Name using the hang bars, and write in your password. (Remember to keep your password private)

On your left is a button to 'Add new post'. Use this area to blog about school work, What your enjoying in class and exciting events you've taken part in.

Write a title of what your going to blog about. After you've finished click 'Save'.

After saving your blog, it will appear on your blog page, your class friends and teachers can now see what you have blogged and are able to comment on your post.

Below your post are 2 buttons labeled 'Show comment' and 'add comment'. To read a comment click 'Show comments'. To reply to a comment click 'Add comment'.

As you can see, Mrs Neale has commented with her opionion. We can now debate who we think should get a gold. Happy blogging.

Rules of blogging

Blogging is all fun, Everyone can blog and we can see what each other has to say, but there are rules to blogging. These are for your safety and protection on the internet. Here are a few rules to follow when we are blogging.

1. Keep all personal information to yourself. For example; Password to my blog page, personal information about myself such as your date of birth and where you live.


2. Keep your post's respectable. Cyber-Bullying is not acceptable and will be taken seriously and will lose privileges to blog.


3. Make your post's about something everyone could discuss for example Events you have taken part in, a subject you'd like to discuss or any questions you have for teachers or your class friends.


4. When you have finished a blog, only post this once. You only need to click 'save' for your blog to appear on your blog wall.