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Golden Children

Head Teachers Golden Tea Party 2015

Miss Olatunji gets a Gold!


Have a look at the amazing poem written for Miss Olatunji by Pariza, Beauty and Valentina




The most loving teacher ever…


We came into your class

To learn and grow,

But what has touched us most

Is the love you have shown.


To the world, you may just be a teacher,

But to us you are a hero.

You are like a candle which consumes itself

To light the way for others.


Teachers are those  who challenge your mind

Enlightening, eye opening, amazing and kind

Creating a class filled with care and concern,

Helping their students to happily learn.


Educators of children, now your knowledge impart,

Rejoice in the journey, with vision and heart.


…this is Miss Olatunji

Have a look at our lovely long list of golden children. Well done to each and everyone of you, keep this up, we want to see this list even longer!!!

Molly  - Purple             Sedem  - Purple             Darren - purple            Mayomikun - purple

Casey - Roxo               Maria - Roxo                  Archie - Roxo              Tilly - Roxo

Andrew - Roxo            Harry - Roxo                  Jason - Green              Eda - Verde

Chloe - Verde              Meida - Verde                Brooke - Benguni        Tosin - Orang’e

Akif – Orang’e             Keira - Komola              Jessica  - Komola        Dylan - Laranja

Charlie - Roxo             Fatima - Roxo               Kelly - Violet                 Alfie - Violet

Anjuma - Violet           Shanzay - Violet           Sadia - Benguni            Nifemi - Benguni

Enea - Benguni           Nadiyah - Benguni       Leila - Benguni            Charlie - Benguni

Harley – Vert                Eliza - Vert                     Christie - Vert               Promedie - vert

Sophie - Orange          Mojoy - Orange             Annie - Laranja            Bobbey – Orang’e

Romeo – Orang’e        Sohaib - Or                    Valentina - Or               Esha - Or

Bradley - Or                 Claire - Shonar              Venessa - Shonar         Caitlin - Shonar

Krystal - Shonar          Jlea - Shonar                Jenkins - Gold               Emily – Holud

Zuwena - Yellow          Esther -  Yellow            Chrissi-anne - Holud     Leonard - Geltona

Jordan - Jaune            Abdul - Amarelo            Daisy - Amarelo            Amelia - Amarelo

Gracie - Yellow            Jack - Yellow                 Skye - Yellow                Yoanna – Holud

Daniel - Holud             Tianna - Nil                    Daisy-lou - Blue            Alfie - Blue

Muhammed - Blue       Bradley – Melyna          Melody - Bleu                Zainab – Melyna

Charlie - Blue               Maryclaire - Blue            Afia - Nil                        Nicole - Nil

Patricija - Azul              Lucas - Azul                  Mariam - Blue                Jayden - Blue

Emily - Nil                     Rimantas - Blue              Nevaeh - Blue               Robert - Azul

Riley - Red                    Giovanni - Red               Nikhil - Raudonas         Umaymah - Red

 Paige -Lal                    William - Lal                    Gideon - Red                 Maria - Blue

 Deborah - Raudonas    Reema - Raudonas      Ella-May - Rouge           Jewsiah - Rouge

 Millie-May - Lal             Alfie- Lal                       Khadija - Rouge              Darrell - Rouge

Here are some of our wonderful, fantastic, amazing, brilliant Golden children!!


We love to celebrate our fantastic pupils in our weekly Stay on Green Assembly!

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Mr Dervish gives a gold!

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We all agreed... Sophie deserved a Gold!

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Mr Taylor was sooooo proud!

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