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FAST - Families and Schools Together


William Bellamy Primary joined forces with Save the Children and the Children’s Centre to deliver the Families and Schools Together (FAST) programme.


FAST is an eight week evidence and values base multi-family group programme that takes place in schools, which aims to strengthen relationships in families, between families, between families and schools and Children’s Centres within the community.  Families participate in a variety of fun activities that help to strengthen families and build communities.  

Graduation took place on the 17th July 2013.  22 Parents graduated and received their certificates.  Some quotes from some of the participants


I didn’t think that I would like FAST and was against it in the beginning.  I have really enjoyed FAST and have made new friends which I didn’t expect’. (Michelle – Parent)


“We have both enjoyed this group.  I like spending time with my daughter and getting to know other children and mums.  It has been good to talk to others. I am going to miss everybody and it’s a shame it’s finishing.  If any other programme comes up like this, I would be very interested’. (Anita – Mother)


“I really enjoyed it.  It was great.  My grandson starts reception in September.  I’m going to become a Parent Governor and tell all the parents about FAST’. (Grandmother)


“I have very much enjoyed my time with Bailey and working together and bonding more.  We both look forward to Tuesdays to spend time together and meet other parents and children.  Bailey and I have bonded together a lot more’. (Emma Mother)


“I enjoy Special Play the most.  I love Play-doh and playing with mummy’. (Bailey - Pupil)


“I like all of it but most of all Special Play and Scribbles’. (Zoe – Pupil)


“I like going in the library and doing drawings at Kids Time.  I like singing.  I like all of the things.’ (Angel – pupil)