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Archive 2014

One of our fantastic Y5 pupils wrote a poem telling us how he feels about bullying...

On 18th and 19th November we were privileged to have some very inspirational visitors in our school.  Their names were Toby, Amy and Emily and they were from an organisation called Just Different.  As part of Anti-Bullying Week we all had chance to have a workshop with one of our visitors where we learned more about disability, and that just because someone looks a bit different, they are often just like us... 
Click below to find out more about Toby, Amy and Emily.

What is Disability?
Disabled people are people with impairments, which may have occurred at birth or later in life. Impairment is when a person has an injury or disease for a long time that makes them different to other people. It can affect the brain or the body, it can cause pain, make the person feel tired,  affect the way the person talks or the person may not remember things very well.  Disability doesn’t discriminate. It can affect anyone at any time

 The term ‘disabled person’ covers a wide range of health conditions
 There are over 10.4 million disabled people in the UK, which represents about 15% of the population
 4.6 million (44%) people over State Pension Age are disabled
 Disability increases with age
 10% of adults aged 16-24 are disabled
 33% of adults aged 50-65 are disabled
 777,000 children are disabled
 Only 5% of disabled people use a wheelchair
 50% of people who fit the definition of disability do not describe themselves as disabled people
 Less than 33% of disabled people are in work compared with 75% of non disabled people
 Many non working disabled people live in poverty
 The World health organisation predicts that depression will be the leading cause of disability by 2020
March 2012
Sources: Office for Disability Issues, Disability Information, Disabled World