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Anti-Bully Zone


Our school is a Bully Free Zone!!!

In our school we say NO to bullying. We know how to keep our school a



  • STOP - Start Telling Other People - Speak Out - don't suffer in silence.
  • If you see something - say something!  Don't be a bystander, you can make a difference!



Anti-Bullying Workshop 2016 Feedback



This year at William Bellamy Primary we will be holding special events in support of anti-bullying week.


Power for Good Award - children can make a nomination for a Power for Good Award.  Presentation assemblies will be held on the 17th and 18th November 2016. 


Power for Good Art Exhibition - Children in Year 6 have participated in creating art work inspired by Power for Good and anti-bullying.  The exhibition will be on display in the school reception and there is a prize for the most impressive piece.


Power for Good Workshops for Parents - Thursday 17th November 2016 at 9:30 and 2:00pm.  Anyone wishing to attend should contact the school office to book a place.

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Anti-Bullying Week 2016


This year in Key Stage 2  to celebrate Anti-Bullying Week we took part in a variety of creative projects within our year groups. 

Each year group were assigned a challenge to spread the message of Anti-Bullying. 



Year 3: 

Year 3 created inspirational musical performances focussing on building a strong voice to 'Say No to Bullying'. Have a look at some of the amazing creations:


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Year 4: 

Year 4 designed 'Say No to Bullying' posters.The posters were entered into a competition, the winning poster was to be displayed around the school across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Five of the best posters were chosen by class teachers and then our lovely Family Support Team made the final decision and chose the winning poster. 

The winner was announced in the Year 3 & 4 assembly. 

Congratulations to Maria in 4 Vert. 

I'm sure you will agree that she is a deserving winner, her poster is displayed below:


But that's not all from Year 4... 

4 Shobuj surprised us all with a fabulous musical bonanza! Well done Ms Olatunji, Miss Dance and all the children in 4 Shobuj. 

Check out their amazing performance below... 

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Year 5: 

Year 5 were given an opportunity to show off their fantastic acting skills. Their task was to create and perform role plays that showed to how deal with the problem of bullying. Each class then selected the best role play to perform for their year group. 

Ms Ellacott organised a brilliant assembly for years 5 & 6 for them to showcase their role plays. 

Well done to everyone in year 5, we were thoroughly entertained. 

Year 6: 

Being a year group full of talented writers, year 6 were asked to create poems on bullying. They were given the freedom to be as creative as they wished as long as they conveyed the message of the effects of bullying.The results were outstanding and it was extremely difficult to select the best poems. The class teachers selected some poems from each class and then Ms Ococ, Ms Syed and Ms Boyes selected the best three poems. These poems were presented during Stay on Green assembly and are now displayed in the Mentor area. Have a read of the poems below. Congratulations to Iman, Ella, Akif and Charlie in 6 Or. 

Anti-Bullying Week ended with a fantastic performance by the wonderful Shooting Star Entertainments. The focus of the performances was Cyber Bullying. 


We had performances all day for years 1-6. 

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Did you know?


- Bullying is the main reason why children aged 11 years and under contact Childline.

- 45% of young people experience bullying before the age of 18.

-36% of young people aged 8 to 22 are worried about being bullied at school, college or university.


What to do if you are being bullied


If you feel you are being bullied it is very important to speak out! Speak to a trusted adult in school or at home. Never feel that you have to deal with the problem yourself or feel that your voice will go unheard. If you do not feel comfortable using your words, you can always write it down and give it to a trusted adult.


Here are some useful websites: