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Year 6

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Welcome to Year 6!


Team 6



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Gold Class: Ms. Phillips and Ms. Amos

 Gold Class: Ms. Phillips and Ms. Amos 1

Ouro class: Mr Dervish and Ms Amos

Ouro class: Mr Dervish and Ms Amos 1

Or class: Miss Olatunji and Miss Ragno

Or class: Miss Olatunji and Miss Ragno 1

Shonar class: Ms Gyamerah and Miss Ragno

Shonar class: Ms Gyamerah and Miss Ragno 1

Mrs Cameron and Mrs Bullen

Mrs Cameron and Mrs Bullen 1

Look at this amazing comment from one of our former pupils



Dear Ms Phillips,
                      This is your former student from class 6P Enoch. I am just writing to you to say how overwhelmed I am seeing the students education progress from the last few years. I also acknowledge the fact that 6P has been transformed into the class known as , "Gold". Once again I just wanted to say "Hi" to all the determined, hard-working pupils of WBPS.

 GOOD LUCK to all the year 6's that are approaching the arrival of the SATs!! DO YOUR BEST!

P.S, I see the school is doing very well in all of the sports competitions. 

 The Spring learning zone 2014...


 Core learning!


With an emphasis on Literacy, Numeracy and Science. These intense programmes will combine  personalised coaching with accelerated learning.  

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 Favourite quotes of motivation as chosen by Ms Phillips:


"Live as if you were to die tomorrow.

Learn as if you were to live forever".

Mahatma Gandhi


"I have no special talent.

I am only passionately curious".

Albert Einstein


Can you decipher the meaning of the quotes?





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Would you like to help your children with their learning?

Why not check out some of the websites below!

In English our learning will be focussed on the following genres, which will reflect a variety of writing styles.


Revision and SATs preparation

Narrative writing


Transition work linked with chosen secondary school.

Text based units-”There’s a boy in the girls bathroom”.



In Maths we learn through a range of activities.  We focus on the 4 operations (+, -, x and ÷) and how to apply them in real life contexts and to solve problems. We also develop mental maths skills. The focus of learning are below:


Revision and SATs preparation

Block A2 - Counting Partitioning and Calculating

Block B2 – Securing number facts and

                    understanding patterns

Block C2 –  Handling data and measures


Block E2 – Securing number facts,

                    calculations and relationships





Our amazing Year 6 pupils are so good at knowing what they need to do to make their writing better they are experts at Peer Marking!  Look at their fantastic comments. 

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 " Study Ladder"


 The interactive way to

develop your home-learning skills!


Remember to store your password somewhere safe when you get it and remember it! 

Be apart of the friendly competition, build your avatar, complete your tasks , earn credits

and certificates.


Last year the pupil who earned the most points was Enoch Salami, with a staggering 6845!

Are you up for a challenge? Can you do better than this?


Home-learning has never been so much fun!

Curriculum Newsletters

Below are the curriculum newsletters, these are updated each half term. 

Please have a look and see what your children will be learning about!!!

Summer 1-2 newsletter- Year 6

Spring 1 Newsletter - Year 6

Our Fantastic, Creative Home Learning Challenge!!

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If you wish to contact the Year Group Leader: Miss Phillips - then please email using the form below.