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The Oasis

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Welcome to The Oasis


Meet our Team...

Picture 1 Mrs Tracey Wraight Oasis Manager
Picture 2 Mrs Anne Smith Oasis Class Teacher
Picture 3 Miss Marieanne Sainsbury Oasis Class Teacher
Picture 4 Mrs Alison Wallin Oasis HLTA
Picture 5 Miss Katrina Smith-Jackson Oasis Support Assistant
Picture 6 Ms Jennifer Taylor Oasis Support Assistant
Picture 7 Mr Dean Livermore Oasis Support Assistant
Picture 8 Mr Aaron Del Campo Oasis Support Assistant

Welcome Back!

We hope that you had a fantastic summer holiday and are ready for lots of interesting learning this term.


Snowdon and Everest Classes in Oasis are about to begin a voyage of discovery....

Their new IPC topic is

"Explorers and Adventurers"

(Watch this space for their exploits!)









The Gruffalo

This week the children in The Oasis have been reading the story of

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson.


We have made our own play scenery based on events from the story.


We are going to visit

Thorndon Country Park on

Thursday 24th September

to follow the Gruffalo Trail.

(We will let you  know if we find him!!)


gruffalos child thorndon park essex


Oasis are reading The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

Our Summer Term Topic:

"Saving the Rainforests"

We have been learning all about the world's rainforests. It has been interesting to find out more about the variety of animals who make their homes in the different layers of the rainforest.


We have also been putting our debating skills to the test as we discuss conservation issues.


The Oasis pupils have realised the importance of caring for our environment and are planning to create a wild garden area to help protect our local mini-beast population!

Picture 1 The layers of the Rainforest
Picture 2 Animals that live in the Rainforest

Oasis met PC Whitehead!

The children in The Oasis had a fantastic time when

PC Whitehead visited them.


( He even tried to arrest Mr Kukoyi!)



Game of Life Celebration

Sometimes we all come up against problems. When we are faced with difficult challenges, it is really important that we have people around us who can support us through difficult times and help us to achieve our best.


During the Spring Term we worked with Davinia Shannahan, our Educational Psychologist, to identify our

"Teams for Life" ....


(These are the people in our lives we know we can depend upon for help and support)



Picture 1 Ryan's Team for Life

As well as identifying the people who can help us when we need support, we also thought carefully about the ways in which we can help ourselves when we are faced with challenges.


We each created our own "Support Toolbox" of strategies to help us through difficult times.

We were really proud when we were presented with our certificates

Welcome back to

Spring Term 2015!


Our topic this half term is...

"Mission to Mars"

On Monday 12th January we arrived at school to find an alien spaceship had crashed in The Oasis garden area.


We investigated the wreckage and looked for clues.


We found green glittery, slimy footprints that went all the way up and over the fence!


We looked for clues and found that the aliens had left  a letter asking us if we would look after their babies until their return.



We are keeping the alien babies warm and taking good care of them. Hopefully their parents will be back to collect them soon!







In English we have enjoyed reading

"Esio Trot" by Roald Dahl. 


We have written magic spells to help Alfie to grow bigger.  We also  made clay models of Alfie. Then we designed and made houses for Alfie - we had to measure them very carefully to make sure Alfie could fit through the door as he just keeps growing bigger and bigger!!


Take a look at our models and the houses we built for Alfie.


 ELHAP Adventure Playground Visit

On Thursday 29th January, we visited ELHAP Adventure Playground. We had lots of fun! We played on large inflatable toys, swings and climbing equipment. Some of us enjoyed dressing up as super heroes!

Here are some photographs of us enjoying ourselves!



A Typical Day in The Oasis


9.15am - Settling Activity (Personal Journals / Mood Board)


9.30am - Welcome Time / Breakfast

The children and adults sit around a table together, recreating a “family scene” and have a slice of toast and a drink. This is an opportunity to focus on social skills, to develop turn taking and waiting and to build relationships with others.


10.00      English

English and Maths sessions are shorter sessions than in the wider school but are tailored individually to meet the children's needs.

10.30      Reading to an adult / change reading book


10.45      Break


11.00      Maths


11.30      (PE 3 x weekly) / Basic Skills Games


12.00      Story Time / review of morning

12.15      Lunch Break: Free Play / Social Skills


1.00       Massage / Yoga / SEAL


1.30       IPC: Science / Art / SEAL / History / Geography / Music


2.15       Outdoor Break (Climbing Frame Area)


2.35       Story / Reflection and Celebration Time


3.00       End of the Day


Picture 1
Picture 2
Morning Sessions

During the morning, we follow the new Primary Curriculum in English and Maths.  Our aim is for the children to enjoy learning, to feel successful as learners and to develop key basic skills in Literacy and Numeracy.


Each week we study a different text type in English. The main part of the English lesson relates to text level learning goals. More detailed work on spelling and grammar is addressed during basic skills sessions, which are often game-based.  This means that tasks are shorter, allowing the children to maximise their concentration levels and word and sentence level work is aimed at each individual child’s needs.


This week we have been studying Instruction Texts. In order to provide the children with opportunities to apply their skills in practical situations, we produced our own instructions on “How to make a pizza” and then followed these instructions.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Afternoon Sessions


In the afternoon sessions, we study foundation subjects through the International Primary Curriculum Topics. This half term our topic is “Who am I?”


We have explored some of our similarities and celebrated our differences.


We have been learning about our favourite foods and how we can keep ourselves healthy by making sensible choices around the foods we eat and the exercise we take. We have also explored our community and the importance of feeling that we belong at home and at school.

The Oasis Grand Opening

On Monday 24th November 2014 we moved in to our brand new premises.  We were so excited we decided to hold a grand opening!


We invited our parents and the children from Rainbow SEB to attend the Grand Opening of our new building on Friday 28th November.


We had lots of fun planning games, designing decorations and making delicious healthy snacks for our guests.

This linked with our IPC Topic “Let’s Celebrate!”

Picture 1

Come and have a read about what we think of our new Oasis!

Picture 1

"It's AWESOME! We have lots of space to build models out of lego!" Logan - Y2

Picture 1

"I feel calm in The Oasis.  I like it in the calming room." Ryan - Y2

Picture 1

“The Oasis is fun because you get to spend time with lots of teachers. They help you with your learning.” Roy - Y5

Statement of 'British Values' 


The Department for Education recently reinforced the need ‘to create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British values of:

• democracy

• the rule of law

• individual liberty

• mutual respect

• tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs’


Each school has been asked to publish a statement about how they ensure that pupils are developing a full and balanced understanding.  At William Bellamy Primary School we are proud to represent a number of cultures and faiths and always strive to promote these key aspects of being a well-rounded citizen.


Please find attached the School’s statement.


If you require any additional information please contact the Headteacher through the school website.