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The Oasis - our Extended Nurture Provision

The Oasis


Our Extended Nurture Provision, The Oasis, is an Additionally Resourced Provision (ARP) within William Bellamy Primary School, which supports children aged 4 – 11 who have Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties (SEMH). 


For the children who attend The Oasis, the behaviour they display at school has previously inhibited their learning.  This behaviour can be observed in a range of forms.  For example, some children have explosive anger or defiant attitudes.  Some children have incredibly low self-esteem and a real fear of failure.  Other children have poor social and communication skills or find it difficult to adjust to change.  All of these behaviours interrupt learning and one of the primary aims of The Oasis is to equip these children with the skills and tools they need to re-engage with the learning process.


Pupils within The Oasis automatically become "William Bellamy" pupils and as such, are part of the wider school.  As they progress within The Oasis, both with their SEMH and their learning, they will begin to spend an increasing amount of time within the wider school. 


We have a much smaller group in The Oasis, no more than 6 pupils, with a high adult ratio to maximise support.  Our curriculum is specifically tailored to meet pupils' needs.



Our Aims


We believe that:

  • every child has a fundamental right to an educational experience specifically designed to nurture their individual potential. 
  • the experience each child receives at The Oasis should be of the highest quality.
  • clearly defined structure, routines and predictability provide an environment where children feel safe and are able to develop and learn.
  • children learn in different ways and we will therefore provide a curriculum that maximises development by considering a range of learning styles.
  • a classroom should be a place in which a child feels safe, secure and accepted – a place where they want to be and want to learn




Meet our Team...

Picture 1 Mrs A Wheatley - Nurture/SEMH Lead
Picture 2 Miss J Kain - Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs J Taylor - Teaching Assistant
Picture 4 Mr G Hughes - Teaching Assistant
Picture 5 Miss L Attard - Nurture Room Assistant
Picture 6 Ms Z Crome - Teaching Assistant
Picture 7 Miss Y Adedipe - Nurture Room Assistant
Picture 8 Mr H Collins - Nurture Room Assistant




A Typical Day in The Oasis


9.15am - Settling Activity (Personal Journals / Mood Board)


9.30am - Welcome Time / Breakfast

The children and adults sit around a table together, recreating a “family scene” and have a slice of toast and a drink. This is an opportunity to focus on social skills, to develop turn taking and waiting and to build relationships with others.


10.00      English

English and Maths sessions are shorter sessions than in the wider school but are tailored individually to meet the children's needs.

10.30      Reading to an adult / change reading book


10.45      Break


11.00      Maths


11.30      (PE 3 x weekly) / Basic Skills Games


12.00      Story Time / review of morning


12.15      Lunch Break: Free Play / Social Skills


1.00       Massage / Yoga / SEAL


1.30       IPC: Science / Art / SEAL / History / Geography / Music


2.15       Outdoor Break (Climbing Frame Area)


2.35       Story / Reflection and Celebration Time


3.00       End of the Day

Emotional Literacy


Encouraging the children to develop their “Emotional Literacy” is an intrinsic part of the whole experience children receive at The Oasis. It is reflected in all aspects of the unit’s work.  Our aim is that children develop their skills in:


- self-awareness – their thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Gaining an understanding into why they may act a particular way.

 - awareness of others – how their peers, teachers or parents may be feeling. Why someone else may act a particular way.


Emotional Literacy is taught in a range of ways.  We have lots of discussions at The Oasis, in groups and on a 1-1.  We reflect on things that happen and why we may have acted in a certain way.  We hold a “Circle Time” session each day where we consider how we are feeling that day, thereby increasing the children’s emotional vocabulary.  We also have SEAL lessons with a particular focus depending on the needs of the group.  In the past we have focused on; anger management, co-operation skills, friendships and relationships, listening skills, change and building self- esteem.


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