William Bellamy Primary School We learn... We grow... Together


At William Bellamy Primary School pupils have a minimum of 1 afternoon

of science learning a week with further opportunities to apply their scientific knowledge and skills in their creative curriculum topic time and out of class workshops/visits throughout the year.


We work in partnership with Local Authority advisors to ensure that we are offering our pupils the best opportunities to develop their scientific understanding.  The school uses the Collins Scheme of Work to support planning.


Below is an overview of science topics taught. 

Science Overview

Home Experiments

Why not spend some time at home during the summer doing these experiments with your family and friends?

Rainbow Skittles

Coin Cleaner

Vinegar Volcano


Making Ice Grow


Tornado in a Jar

Ice Cube Experiment

Rainbow in a Jar

Ivory Soap

Make an Egg Bounce

Elephant Toothpaste

Walking Water


Oobleck Slime

Egg in a bottle

Fireworks in a jar

Oobleck Slime

Invisible Ink

Lava Lamp

Grow your own crystals