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School Parliament

The role of the School Parliament at William Bellamy is to give pupils a chance to share their ideas and opinions about how to improve school life. We have regular meetings and each class has elected a Member of Parliament and Shadow Member of Parliament to be the representative for their class.

KS2 Film Night


The School Parliament decided to fundraise by organising a film night for the KS2 children. We watched a festive film and children were invited to wear their wackiest pyjamas.

Our Members of Parliament from year 6 helped out by serving drinks, snacks and directing children to the toilets.

At the end of night we gave out awards for the wackiest pyjamas.

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Holocaust Memorial Day


The School Parliament were invited to attend a Holocaust Memorial Service in Central Park. This gave us a chance to show our respect and to remember those who lost their lives during the Holocaust. Whilst we were there we met the Mayor of Barking and Dagenham.



The School Parliament were approached by a group of children in year 4 who wanted to sell ‘Slushies’, which they had made at home, these could be beneficial for the children as they can be used to relieve stress. We have been selling ‘Slushies’ in the playground during break time and all funds have been going to the school.