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School Council 2015-2016

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The aim of the school council is to help make the school a better place! Every Wednesday KS1 and KS2 councillers meet to discuss what the pupils may have said about the school and we think of ways of how we could improve this.


So far this year we have ...


  • Painted benches
  • Met with the cook
  • Met with people from 'We Day' to find out ways that we could win tickets
  • Raised money for Haven House
  • Thought of ideas about how we could make playtime and lunchtime even better

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 1


Meet our Super School Council!


Key Stage 1 School Councillors have been on a secret mission. They have been walking around school with their invisible bronze binoculars spotting children who are 'always doing the right thing, even when NO ONE IS LOOKING!!'

Here is a list of the wonderfully behaved children at William Bellamy School. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL...


Brogan in Year 1 always looks after the friends in her class and she always cares and helps others too.


Kelvin in Year 2 always plays with others when they don't have anyone to play with


Nevayah in Year 1 is always kind to others


Dave in Year 2 picks up jackets around the school to make sure everyone is safe


Joe in Year 1 makes the right choices at playtime and helps children when they are hurt


Elvira in Year 2 is an excellent role-model to other children





Click here to read about the qualities of our School Councillors...

During October half term, children from the School Council came in to help paint the benches. We wanted to paint the benches in the playground to make the playground look inviting, to ensure that people sit on the benches and make the playground look colourful!!


We had SOOOO much fun doing this!


It was lots of fun because we got to design the benches - Nadiyah

Everyone got messy and enjoyed themselves! - David

We used different colour paints to design the benches! - Maddison




We decided to put some rules together to keep order in our meetings!


Rules for School Council Meetings

Listen to other people’s opinions and ideas.

Attend meetings on time!

Share feedback from class school council meetings.

 Work together to make decisions.

Tell your class what has been discussed.

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What being a School Councillor means to us


Videos coming soon!

'I like being a councillor because I get to wear a tie and all the other children respect me' - Subhan


'I like when we play team games during our meetings' - Alfie


'We get to help raise money charities' - Bobby


'We get to make important decisions by voting what things we like or what things we want to do' - Tommy-Lee


'We make posters to put round the school to tell people about what's happening' - AJ



Check out what the School Council have been up to!


School Council Forums



A PowerPoint about our trip to Northbury Primary School

At William Bellamy Primary, we take great pride in making sure our fantastic school is as clean and tidy as possible! smiley


We have Eco-monitors who use litter-pickers to collect rubbish from around the school and place it in the bin. They also wear bright green hats and jackets so they stand out and other children know who they are.


School Councillors have volunteered to help the Eco-warriors by looking out for children at break time and lunchtime who pick up litter without an adult asking them to!


These children that have done the right thing (even when no one was looking) will be moved up to BRONZE for using their initiative.mail


The school councillors would like to thank, and congratulate, the following children...nono



Charity Work

The School Councillors have been helping to organise and raise money for a charity called: 'JustDifferent'.


JustDifferent is a registered charity that creates positive social attitudes towards disability and difference among children and young people.


Around Christmas time, all the children came into school dressed in a Christmas jumper.

Altogether our school raised:





If you are in your local     please help to donate towards Build a School.


There are collection boxes next to tills. If we raise enough money, we can help towards building an international school. So please donate what you can! Thank You.

Visit the website for more information or other ways to help...





App for Barking and Dagenham schools


We are part of a pilot scheme in Barking and Dagenham who are developing an App for parents. As a school council we were asked to brainstorm some ideas of what themes/characters we would like for a Literacy and Numeracy App.  

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Meeting with the Catering Service


During our school council meetings last year children raised issues that they felt needed addressing about school dinners.  As a result, we made a list of possible suggestions to improve the service provided. We then invited the area manager and his assistant to a meeting to talk through our concerns together.




The 2014-2015 School Council will be having a follow up meeting with the catering service soon. Watch this space ...........


What we think works well at William Bellamy


After school clubs


Book nooks

Equipment in the playground

Attendance awards

Sport competitions


Teachers/teaching assistants


Events like discos



School Council Agendas


Are you interested in what we discuss during our meetings? 


Take a look at our minutes!

Key stage 1

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